29 may 2013
Expanding collaboration: GMCS implemented a unified tool of dispatch management for GC Tsaritsyno
One of the leaders of meat market in Russia, Tsaritsyno and GMCS completed the next common project.

Its result is the creation of a unified tool for management of products dispatch on the base of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. The solution was launched and used in productive units of meat-packing factory.

Production range of Tsaritsyno includes more than 700 items, every day nearly 250 ton of products is produced. All the products come to a distribution center of the European level with the area – 25 000 sq.meters.

Usage of solution, elaborated by GMCS, allows Tsaritsyno to not only optimize the process cycle beginning with packing, warehousing and finishing with dispatch of finished products, but also increase efficacy of management of production plans, products quality and sales. In particular, GMCS specialists automated such specific processes for food production processes as products marking and data preparation for production weigh-scales, products packaging and palletizing, weighting control at the all stages of production and other processes.

Director of economy and finances at Tsaritsyno Lidiya V.Butina noted: "The solution, which was offered by GMCS, increases efficacy of dispatch management. It enables to get operationally analytic reporting of different product items in the specific view from the all automated sectors and make management decisions during the process of dispatch. Registration of results of products quality control at the all stages of its passing in the information system allows controlling products from the distribution center to the customers. Deep integration of the information system enables to increase efficiency of information exchange between Tsaritsyno and Corporate Trading House Tsaritsyno and reduce term of documents confirmation. Document flow automation, including business-processes of preparation of the associated documents, confirmation of documents in the distribution center and formation of consolidated sales invoices allows the enterprise to optimize internal processes and reduce terms of getting financial results."

This project is the next step in longstanding collaboration between GMCS and Tsaritsyno. In 2006 GMCS implemented WMS-system for warehouse complex of Corporate Trading House Tsaritsyno, the base of which was used a business-application GMCS Cargo Terminal (Microsoft Dynamics AX). In 2010 the project continued; the functionality of WMS-system was expanded under the new business requirements of the producer.

"We are glad that over a number of years Tsaritsyno asked us to solve the most difficult tasks, connected with automation of the enterprise's business. Tsaritsyno Meat-processing Plant are constantly developing, the current and new processes become more difficult. Every time we carefully study the problem that our long-time client posed and offer best-in-class solution, as well as our own experience in the food industry," said Ekaterina Voropaeva, President of GMCS.

"Contemporary dispatch of finished products is a cornerstone for enterprises of food industry. Dispath is closely connected with production rhytmicity, steadiness of capacity utilization, and consequently, quality of finished products," added Denis Timoshenko, Business Director of GMCS, "The tool of dispatch management, which we have elaborated, is planned to replicate within the other enterprises of GC Tsaritsyno. It provides possibility to standardize It-infrastructure, provide operational reflection of the producer to the changeable market requirements and in the short time get economic benefit from using the solution."

About Tsaritsyno

Tsaritsyno Brand Trading House is a member of the Tsaritsyno Group together with three meat processing enterprises, namely, Tsaritsyno Farmstead, Agrofirma Blue Mink. Tsaritsyno Group's distribution network unites eight company trading houses, and a network of trade agencies, food stores, and a network of trade agencies in various regions of Russia. Tsaritsyno Company is a dynamically growing business. In the recent years, the Russian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs has been giving Tsaritsyno Group a special Steadily High Results Award.

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