3 july 2013
Faberlic develops an enterprise management system with GMCS
Faberlic develops information system of business management based on Microsoft Dynamics AX with the support of GMCS, a member of the company group MAYKOR.

Faberlic has its own cosmetic factory in Moscow, equipped with the most advanced and environmentally compliant equipment. The factory produces more than 1,000 types of products, using the broadest range of raw materials.

Faberlic uses Microsoft Dynamics AX since 2004. Before, the company made ??the transition to the version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 by herself. Faberlic asked the company GMCS to solve a number of the important challenges for the further development of the system, including the expansion capabilities of the system, taking into account the specifics of the industrial enterprises.

In accordance with the tasks, GMCS automated the individual blocks of financial accounting in the system in terms of assets, settlements with contractors, implemented a number of necessary analytical reports, and completed the adaptation of the system in accordance with the recent changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

"We are satisfied with the cooperation and the quality of services provided by GMCS. Today, Faberlic formed has our own strong team of experts, which was engaged in the development and support of the system. However, involvement of an external consultant to solve some specific tasks is justified and necessary. GMCS is well aware of the requirements and specific account of industrial enterprises, and also knows opportunities of Dynamics AX of the localized system version in detail. In addition, this company has her own interesting and useful ideas that are useful to us, because the standard features of the system are not enough to meet the demands of our business and comfortable user experience,"said Ilya Pushkin, CFO Faberlic.

About Faberlic

Faberlic is the biggest Russian fragrance and cosmetics company operating on the direct sales market. It is the only Russian company placed in the list of top 100 biggest manufacturers of cosmetic products worldwide. The company has its offices in more than 20 countries.
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