5 february 2015
FEFU is the first Russian University to use IT outsourcing
The Far Eastern Federal University is the first University in Russia that has begun to use complex IT outsourcing. IT support for Russia's largest campus area of over 800 sq. m. on Russky Island and branches of the University in the Far East and Moscow has been transferred to MAYKOR. It is the largest outsourcing project in the Russian education industry.

"By 2019, FEFU should become the leading scientific and educational center in the Asia-Pacific region. To achieve this, a highly efficient management model has been introduced and resources allocated to priority areas. This model uses outsourcing as one of the tools to improve operational efficiency of the University," stated Alexander Vilnin, the Director of FEFU IT Department.

FEFU is best university in terms of IT. For example, the Smart Campus system was introduced on the campus and it combines universal electronic card, e-university services, corporate and educational portals. While implementing IT innovation, FEFU applies the best international practices to manage large-scale IT infrastructure, one of which is outsourcing. The University decided to transfer the support of the entire IT infrastructure to one service provider, not only for the campus on Russky Island, but also for Vladivostok, Arsenyev, Nakhodka, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Ussuriysk offices. Based on the tender results, MAYKOR has become a single provider of IT outsourcing services with its developed resource base in the Far East.

In fact, MAYKOR will become FEFU IT support, and part of the engineering personnel of the University has already become permanent employees of the outsourcer. The service provider will be responsible for the smooth operations of more than 10,000 workstations, more than 200 units of server hardware equipment, and 3,500 copiers. In addition, this list includes a structured cabling network, telecommunication, multimedia equipment, FEFU management information systems, a medical center, and electronic educational resources of the University. The IT department of University will focus on the development of IT strategy, general management and quality control.

"The improvement of the economic independence of educational establishments is the main goal of the current education reform in Russia. Our outsourcing project for FEFU is an example of how you can decrease costs and increase efficiency of IT in the Universities," stated Stanislav Brodyansky, Vice President for Key Accounts of MAYKOR.
About Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is one of Russia’s leading centers of education and science, known throughout the region for its unique campus and world-class infrastructure. FEFU is a gathering place for scientific communication between Russian and international experts, and is an active participant in both socio-economic and cultural development of the Russian Far East. The University’s location and personnel offer unique opportunities for collaboration with leading research, education and innovative centers across the Asia- Pacific region, where FEFU has established itself as a global leader in science and innovation. FEFU is comprised of nine schools, providing a choice of over 150 educational programs in promising areas of technological development, overseen by faculty and staff capable of implementing large-scale projects important to the region's economy.
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