17 october 2012
FSUE Russian Post launches a new automated system of treasury
FSUE Russian Post jointly with GMCS launch a unified information system of treasury (UIST) on the base Microsoft Dinamics AX. 

The system will cover the Execution office in Moscow, 82 branches in the regions of Russia, GCMPP and Express Delivery Service EMS Russian Rost. The use of the system is considered to provide the efficacy of cash management in the three levels: management apparatus, affiliates, post offices. Today, about 2500 employees of FSUE Russian Post work in the UIST, to the moment of the project completion the number of users will be in two times more.

Implementing UIST will provide to increase efficacy of maintaining and controlling payments – ever month in offices of Russian Post and regional branches held thousands of transactions – to ensure the receiving situation reports on the balance of cash on the web and all financial transactions, as well as improve productivity and quality of staff.

Additional benefits will be in terms of strategic management – FSUE Russian Post will more efficiently track the whole array of financial flows of the company, and its major part is social payments (pensions, dividends, state compensation, etc.) and make appropriatemanagement decisions for better money stock operation.

The project of UIST implementation started in the end of 2011. The enterprise required a powerful complex tool that takes into account the specifics of the post treasury. Firstly, it is detailed monitoring of cash flows and the money stock operation, much of it is cash, delivered to the post office. This tool became a platform Microsoft Dynamics AX, which functionality and flexibility match the task best.

For the past six months specialists FSUE Russian Post together with GMCS created a prototype of integrated treasury management solution that answers the requirements of office and management personnel and branch network. UIST has modular structure and includes the necessary tools to control the movement of funds. Functionality of conversion accounting module and module of payments accounting with affiliates allows not only to control cash flow rapidly, but also to plan timely redistribution of cash flows within a large enterprise branch network. In turn, Integration Center, developed in the system, shall provide that the necessary data occurrence with completeness and quality fr om the administrative personnel and affiliates on time and. For settlements with foreign postal administrations from more than 180 countries in UIST is developed a special module.

"Work to improve the efficiency of treasury management was conducted by us formerly. Analyzing the current demands of cash management, we came to the conclusion that we need a complete revision used in our treasury instruments. And now we go in the direction of not just the centralized management and storage of data, but the automatic control of the fiscal cash flows, intra-settlement, payment schedule preparation and operations on it," says Victoria Y. Afanasiev, Head of Directorate of Treasury, FSUE Russian Post, "The implementation of a centralized treasury system will enable us to operate with accurate and timely data of money, which is essential for effective short-term and medium-term planning. In particular, we can get the correct data of the current cash position to manage effectively the residues (for a day we monitor the cash balance a few times), and the liquidity of the whole enterprise at a time."

Now, the system of treasury operates at the level of the administrative apparatus of FSUE Russian Post and in a number of branches, wh ere it has replaced the previously used heterogeneous enterprise solutions. During the second quarter of 2012 will be actively replicating the completed working release of the treasury system in the branch network. So far, the system has covered more than 20 branches. It is expected that in the first quarter of 2013 UIST will be replicated across the enterprise (levels AMO, Postal Service and the post office) and will contain in addition to the full operational financial information about the company's liquidity, also a strong financial and analytical unit that enables to make the operational management decisions.

"Public companies have shown interest in the complex, scalable, flexible for development solutions. Implemented in FSUE Russian Post project is a proof of that. We appreciate greatly the cooperation established between us and will make effort to solve the project tasks in accordance with the planned deadlines and functionality," said Catherine Voropayeva, President of GMCS.

"We are very pleased that one of the largest Russian company - FSUE Russian Post has chosen the Microsoft platform to solve their business challenges and create an effective system of financial processes. As ERP of corporate level, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers powerful features for large-scale geographically distributed systems and the flexibility required for rapid creation of new modules and automation ofunique business processes," says Alain Gekler, Director Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia.

About FSUE Russian Post 

FSUE Russian Post was created by Government in 2002. Today, the federal postal operator includes 87 branches, about 42,000 postal facilities that provide postal services throughout the Russian Federation, including all towns and villages. One of the greatest labor collectives postal workers is about 360 thousand employees. Annually Russia postal workers receive process and deliver more than 1.5 billion letters, more than 52 million parcels and over 100 million in remittances. Russian Post offers its customers more than 100 postal, financial, information and communication and other services.

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