9 october 2008
GMCS and ASK join forces in terms of Infor ERP LN solutions
GMCS, a leading consulting company in the IT sector and ASK Group of Companies, the leading system integrator of the Ural Region, signed a partnership agreement for the construction of management information systems based on Infor ERP LN solutions. 

The establishment of this new strategic alliance is explained by growing demand for production automation, which the Russian IT market has demonstrated as of lately. The signature of this partnership agreement is of great significance to both companies. The choice of ASK Group as the partner of GMCS in this highly promising direction of enterprise automation based on Infor ERP LN was not incidental. The companies are big players on the IT market, have large project experience, a professional team of specialists, who dispose of complementary skills in creating modern management systems.

"The Ural Region is a concentrate of a significant number of manufacturing enterprises of mechanical-engineering, metallurgical and other industries, and potential demand for management automation systems remains very high," says Evgeniy Sharovarin, Director of the ASK Group. "By uniting our experience and knowledge of the particularities of manufacturing in the region with GMCS expertise, we shall be able to react more flexibly to clients’ demands, developing and offering them new solutions."

"The trends of the Russian IT market indicate that there are great opportunities for the application of the potential of Infor ERP LN solutions for enterprise automation. The large demand for Infor products is proved by the growing number of our clients and the long list of conducted projects," comments Ekaterina Voropaeva, GMCS Vice-president, on the subject. "Forecasts of further growth of enterprises’ demand for management automation systems has lead us to start work on creating a powerful expert knowledge base on Infor ERP LN solutions in Russia. This is why concluding the partnership contract with the largest player of the Yekaterinburg IT market is of strategic importance to us."
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