29 march 2007
GMCS and ELARA sign competence center contract
GMCS and ELARA SPC, a leading avionics producer of Russia, have signed a contract to set up a competence center. 

The center, to be hosted by ELARA, will focus on implementing of the ERP solutions, Infor ERP Baan. The contract between GMCS and ELARA is unique in the sense that now Russian enterprises will be able to get a closer look at a modern mechanical engineering enterprise being managed with the help of the Infor ERP Baan solutionand communicate with experienced users both before the product's implementation at their own companies and in the process of such implementation.

The purpose of the Competence Center goes beyond demonstration of the Infor ERP -based management solution. It's aimed at transferring unique experience in building a company infrastructure needed for creating a new enterprise management system. ELARA commissioned its Infor ERP Baan software solutionin 2002. Since that, the enterprise has put into operation a number of additional modules – Production, Sales/Purchasing/Storage, Finance and Project.

The ELARA-based center will provide training in building a regulatory framework, organization of planning and workshop management, motivation of the staff working with the Infor solution. The interested companies will be offered a package of documents to support the system's implementation and operation, comprising enterprise standards, methodology and instructions. In addition, they will be offered a unique ERP+ solution for operating control of manufacturing and logistical data that complements the functionality of the basic product.

ELARA has the necessary training facilities, modern computer servers, a training model of the enterprise based on the Infor ERP solution and highly-skilled personnel with hands-on experience in operating the system. It should be noted that the center has already provided services to many Russian enterprises such as Irkut SPC, RnAAPO, MPO-Rumyantsev, Degtyareva Works, etc.

GMCS is the official center for localization, implementation and support Infor ERP LN (Baan 6.1) system for Russia, CIS, Baltic States. Since 1997 the company has built an impressive record of implemented Infor ERPprojects. The Infor system-related database built by GMCS consultants over the years enables the company to provide information-support services for the Competence Center. The company's customers that have already implemented Infor solutions include Russian Aircraft Corporation MIG, Irkut SPC, Amcor Flexibles, Phoenix Contact, Mining-Chemical Industrial Company, MPO-Rumyantsev, Polysan, etc.


ELARA SPC, a public corporation, established February 9, 1979 is an avionics producer that makes the most of its designers' intellectual resources and extensive professional experience combining these with modern-day information technology and the latest highly-productive equipment. ELARA is a leading Russian manufacturer of such avionics as flight navigation systems, automatic and remote flight control systems, airborne computers and imaging systems for most civil and military aircraft types.
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