5 august 2008
GMCS and GAZ Group launch a new plant of world standard level
GMCS successfully completed works on the construction of an information system for the management of the new plant of a large Russian automobile construction holding company  GAZ Group

Implementation of the full-features management system became an integral part of innovative business-project of GAZ Group on the production of Volga Siber cars based on the Chrysler JR41 platform. 

The key goal of this automobile construction business project – is to launch a new production line for line assembly of Volga Siber brand cars compliant to the industry's world standards. This is why the Infor reference model, developed especially for enterprises of the automotive industry and successfully implemented in a number of world automobile construction giants, was chosen as the foundation for the management system.

According to the level of priority of the client's business tasks the project was split up into several phases. During the first stage, started in July 2007, tasks were accomplished of keeping complex product manifests, production data and data on work with multiple international suppliers that the plant works with directly. The next two stages involved the automation of the processes of procurement management and planning, as well as management of the full production cycle. A particularity of the implemented solution was the automation of assembly management, thus providing the possibility of planning and effectively reflecting assembly line production. The fact that the processes of assembly management were included in the system's contour indicated the high level of the new plant’s business process organization. 

Construction of the management information system was conducted in under 12 months by an international project team, which included, aside from GMCS consultants and specialist of the GAZ Group IT department, also business consultants of the Austrian company Magna Steyr and specialist of the Infor European office. 

The joint team developed a project solution and conducted its setup within the Infor ERP LN system. Aside from that, having had experience of cooperation with GAZ Group enterprises and understanding the specific nature of automobile manufacturing, GMCS consultants carries out a number of upgrades, which expanded the functionality of the project solution. Being the official centre for Infor ERP LN localization in Russia, GMCS adapted the system for tax accounting and bookkeeping in compliance with Russian legislative standards. 

At the moment the management system based on Infor ERP LN has been launched into industrial operation. Despite the geographical disunity of the system’s users, all of them receive data on the state of production processes in real-time mode. 

"Implementation of a full-scale management system together wit the launch and organization of a new manufacture may be considered quite an ambitious task. Using a project model, which accounts for the specific nature of car assembly enterprises, brings our company to the level of world automobile construction leaders," says Vladimir Kapustin, Heat of the IT Department at GAZ Group, "the project solution that we developed can become tha foundation for the creation of management systems as other GAZ Group plants, thus allowing to minimize implementation costs on one hand and maximally use accumulated experience on the other."

"The JR41 project at GAZ Group can be considered one of the most interesting IT-projects in the automotive industry over the last few years," says Lyudmila Sokolskaya, head of the Infor Solutions Department at GMCS, "The unique nature of the project lies in the fact that resources of several participants were used for the implementation, with each one making a contribution. Close interaction with Infor and thorough expertise of the client's working group allowed to carry out project works on quite a tight schedule without compromising the level of quality of developed IT solutions."

About GAZ Group

GAZ Group – is the largest Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles and road-building machinery. GAZ Group includes OJSC GAZ, 15 automobile construction businesses in Russia, the British company LDV, sales and servicing organizations. Consolidated revenues of GAZ Group in 2007 totaled 152.8 billion rubles(growth of 30% in relation to 2006).Net GAZ shareholder profit as a result of 2006 activities amounted to 5.1 billion rubles (2.4 billion in 2005). Capitalization of GAZ Group at the end of the first quarter of 2008 totaled 3.7 billion USD (1.2 billion at the end of 2005, growth of over 300%).

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