7 august 2008
GMCS and Simbiotel are starting a comprehensive project based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
GMCS announces the start of the first stage of project works on the automation of customer relations management processes for Simbiotel, a communication service provider of the next generation.

A total of three stages, determined according to the client's business plan, shall be completed as part of the project Together with GMCS, which has already acted as a strategic partner of Simbiotel on the creation of consolidated reporting tools, the operator chose the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software product. The expertise of GMCS consultants in the implementation of CRM systems, the successful experience of previous cooperation with Simbiotel, as well as the many years of the company's experience in the implementation of projects for the telecommunications industry – were all additional factors for the choice of GMCS as the project executor.

The stage of works under way involves solving tasks of automating the call centre, sales subdivisions and the technical maintenance service of the operator. During the project it is planned to automate the processes of subscriber service, sales to both individual and corporate clients, as well as the processes of comprehensive management of marketing campaigns. As part of this stage it is planned to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the billing system, the unified system of payment management and the call centre, thus allowing the operator to ensure centralized customer relations management. The project is being carried out according to the Microsoft Sure Step implementation methodology, which involves detailed analysis and assessment of all of the company's business processes related to customer relations.

About Simbiotel

Simbiotel was established in 2007. is a provider of a next generation service called EZtalk. The company provides voice services over the data communication network under the EZtalk brand. The innovative EZtalk service is a mix of mobile communication, data communication and telephony, thus ensuring an optimum price-quality ratio for long-distance communication services in Russia and abroad.

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