23 january 2003
GMCS announces successful completion of Baan ERP system introduction project at the at a refrigerating equipment manufacturing plant Frigorex Romania in Temishuara, Romania
GMCS has completed implementation of Baan ERP system at the plant of Frigorex Romania.

Frigorex Romania is already the 3rd refrigerating equipment plant in Frigoglass Holding (after Greece and Russia), where a ERP Baan IV solution-based corporate management system is deployed developed by GMCS' consultants in cooperation with Computer Project, a Greek company. 

Presently, the subsystems "Baan – Finance", "Baan – Sales, Purchases and Warehouses", "Baan – Purchase Planning (MRP)", "Baan – Production" and "Baan – Service" are in commercial operation. 

About Frigoglass 

Frigoglass Group holding 23 works in 12 countries, provides services for the soft drink market and manufactures commercial refrigerating equipment, bottles, labels, caps, performs and other products.
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