2 february 2009
GMCS automated administrative activities of Home Credit bank
GMCS announces the completion of works on the development of an automated management system based on SAP solutions at Home Credit and Finance Bank – one of the leaders of the Russian retail banking market. 

GMCS assessed and optimized the system aimed at managing administrative activities of the Home Credit bank headquarters. GMCS also replicated this solution in two of the bank’s branches – in Ufa and Nizhny Novgorod.

In order to assess the system and draw up recommendations for its optimization with account of specific requirements, Home Credit invited GMCS, a SAP Service Partner.

Based on the results of the analysis conducted, GMCS consultants designed a number of additional features, which were successfully implemented in the Home Credit bank headquarters. Based on the results of these works, the bank made the decision to replicate the system of administrative management in several branches. The GMCS team designed the solution for the branches in record time – just three months.

During replication, GMCS optimized programs of personal account formation, set up the possibility of transferring VAT between branches, automated processes of asset write-off and acquisition, including formation of the corresponding documents. Thanks to the integration of the business and operations management system with SAP ERP a single information space was created thus allowing to efficiently solve intra-company tasks within the bank. Moreover, GMCS specialists trained the system’s users and prepared all necessary guidelines for its use.

Home Credit and GMCs plan to replicate the administrative activities management system for other branches of the bank.

"Optimizing administrative activities management is a key step in implementing the bank’s development strategy," says Stanislav Osichka, Head of the Information Technology Department at Home Credit bank. "The system’s features that were greatly expanded by GMCS ensure transparency of administrative activities and efficiency in managing the bank’s business processes. Upon completion of the replication we will be able to monitor operations both of the bank in general and of its separate branches."

"As part of the project GMCS designed a solution which can be replicated for the bank’s branches quickly and efficiently," notes Aliona Koshkina, Head of the SAP Solutions Department at GMCS. "This solution fully accounts for the particularities of inter-branch intra-organizational settlements, allows to maintain bookkeeping and fiscal accounts of administrative operation in compliance with Russian legislation and regulations of the central bank of the Russian Federation, ensures single standards of activities on company scale, all of which will allow Home Credit to maintain its le4ading position of the retail banking market." 

About Home Credit and Finance Bank

Home Credit and Finance Bank – is one of the leaders of the Russian retail banking market, where it has been operating since 2002. As of September 30, 2008 the bank’s share of the market of consumer loans amounted to 24%  and 11% of the market of credit cards. Home Credit bank provides its clients a wide range of credit products on various terms. The products are offered in over 33 partner outlets in 1200 Russian cities. The bank’s regional network consists of 93 representative offices, 147 offices and 4 branches in Russia, as of September 30, 2008.

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