15 july 2009
GMCS automated financial accounting in the Russian branch of Kazimir Partners Group
GMCS constructed a unifies automated system of financial accounting in Kazimir Partners (UK) Limited, the Russian branch of the international investment company Kazimir Partners Group. 

Automation based on Microsoft Dynamics AX of the investment company's subdivisions was carried out as part of a comprehensive project for the implementation of n enterprise resource planning system. The project was implemented over 5 months in collaboration with ePartners UK Ltd, the general contractor fr om the part of the client-company.

At the moment of the start of the project different information systems operated in international subdivisions of Kazimir Partners, which made consolidated reporting and obtaining up-to-date reliable information more difficult. In order to standardize corporate consolidated reporting Kazimir Partners (UK) Limited  made the decision to implement a unified enterprise resource planning system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. When selecting a partner to implement the project in the company's branches operating in Russia and CIS states, company's management decided in favor of the many years of experience and industry expertise of GMCS.

"Western companies usually strive to automate the head office and based on that experience replicate the solution in Russia or other countries, wh ere its branches operate," says Oleg Lysov, head of the Microsoft Solutions Department  at GMCS, of the particularities of the project. "In this case we carried out the project simultaneously to the implementation of the system at the head office, having to take into account the specifics of several countries to obtain a comprehensive solution. The results achieved prove that this approach is correct and efficient."

The GMCS team together with ePartners UK Ltd started implementing this project in 2008. During system deployment GMCS carried out the full cycle of works – starting from pre-project assessment of existing financial accounting processes at the branches and up to implementing the automated system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The use of GMCS own developments on accounting and cost accounting localization in compliance with Russian legislative requirements allowed to speed up the first results of the project.

At the moment the unified corporate financial accounting system of Kazimir Partners Group has been launched. The investment company can already quickly obtain consolidated financial information according to a single standard in order to make vital management decisions. Resulting from the project Kazimir Partners (UK) Limited selected GMCS for post-project support of the implemented solution.

"Implementation of the project was an important step in the development of the Kazimir Partners  (UK) Limited management information system. We were able to solve the problem of consolidated financial reporting in all international subdivisions," says John Beard, Financial Manager at the client company, on the results of the project. "We invited several consulting companies to be our partners on the project. In subdivisions operating in CIS states the system was implemented by the Russian consulting company GMCS. Thus, the risk of system incompliance with local legislative requirements was eliminated. Today I can quickly receive and analyze consolidated company data and, most importantly, trust the numbers I see on the screen."

About Kazimir Partners

Kazimir Partners – is an investment company created in 2002. The company manages several investment funds concentrating on various regions of the CIS.

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