30 april 2008
GMCS automated the clearing settlements centre of Universalnie Platezhnie Sredstva (Universal Means of Payment)
GMCS completed the project for the creation of an automated system of settlements with universal servicing operators at Universalnie Platezhnie Sredstva (UPS). 

The project was implemented based on the GMCS Payphone Billing* solution, which obtained a certificate of compliance to Rossvyaz requirements of use of automated settlements systems in Russia, and is an industry solution for billing companies.

As part of the Federal project Universal Means of Payment exercises the function of a unified mutual settlements centre for operators when providing universal communication services through payphones and public Internet access outlet. This is why the main goal of the project was to create a high-productivity billing system capable of ensuring efficient conducting of settlements for communication services provided across the country.

In order to reach this goal GMCS consultants developed a functional solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, ensuring maximum operational speed of the automated settlements system. The implemented solution allowed to check data from operators and verified by a digital signature, perform tariffication of services, as well as create reports on the cost of services provided for both operators and the Federal Communication Agency.

Today the billing system constructed by GMCS arranges processing of up to 10 mln payphone and Internet connections daily. At the same time the number of equipment units serviced bu UPS can reach 500 thousand.

Konatsntin Osipov, Director General of Universalnie Platezhnie Sredstva notes that "UPS has been placed with the large responsibility of supporting the program of a universal communication service, being implemented on a federal level. Ensuring mutual settlements between service providers across the country with an ever growing huge amount of possible connections is not an easy task. Thus an important factor at the start of the project was selecting a solution capable of handling the load and a competent partner for its implementation. The GMCS Payphone Billing system already included potential for a larger number of connections than is currently needed. Moreover we receive all necessary consulting support from GMCS in terms of maintaining and developing this solution."

About Universalnie Platezhnie Sredstva

Universalnie Platezhnie Sredstva specializes in conducting mutual settlements between providers of all purpose communication services (using payphones and public Internet access outlets) and distributing cards used to pay for these services within Russia. In February 2006 the company won the corresponding competitive selection procedure of the Federal Communication Agency (Rossvyaz) for the right to provide services of collecting and processing data concerning the volumes of services provided by operators.

*Registartion number of the compliance certificate : OS-1-CT-0145. Valid: November 2, 2007 through November 2, 2010

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