9 august 2005
GMCS automates AQUA VISION using my SAP Business Suite
GMCS proceeds to automation project for AQUA VISION, a Russian soft drink manufacturer, which now owns a large manufacturing facility at the Istrinsky District, Moscow region. 

mySAP Business Suite solution was used as a basis for building the automated corporate resource management system. GMCS was awarded a master contract after results of an official tender arranged and run by AQUA VISION. The main requirement for a future partner was to have a professional team of employees with experience for system introduction in food industry. 

The project objectives are to ensure a holistic and integrated support of all company's business process sequences, transparency of the company's activities as judged by governmental agencies and investors, proper development of IT field according to strategic company goals, create intracorporate information safety system and apply effective technological solutions to prevent leakage of commercial information and frauds towards on the company's part. 

The project basis is automation of basic production-related business processes, namely, financial, fiscal and management accounting, budgeting, stock inventory management, production management, sales process management, equipment maintenance and repairs, QA management, and HR management. 

SAP system shall be introduced in AQUA VISION in two stages: at the first stage mySAP Business Suite line solution – mySAP ERP Enterprise Resource Management – shall be introduced. The project stage 2 will involve introduction of solutions mySAP CRM (Client Relationship Management) and mySAP SCM (Supply Chain Management). 


AQUA VISION was founded in 2003 by VIP-Progress Ltd owned by Dmitry Buryak, entrepreneur. The most well-known assets of Dmitry Buryak are VIP GROUP, Akrikhin and Nutrifarma pharmaceutical works. Dmitry Buryak is a member of the Academy of Natural Foods and Biotechnologies and a member of the London Club of Directors; in 2002 Mr. Buryak was awarded by the Russian Academy of Natural Science with a I. Mechnikov's medal "For practical contribution in promotion of the nation's health". 
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