4 october 2007
GMCS automates personnel management at PeterStar
GMCS and PeterStar start a new project within the all-round automation of the telecommunications operator's corporate resource management system. 

The companies continue their cooperation with this project of establishing an automated PeterStar personnel management system based on the BOSS-Kadrovik solution. For this project, GMCS consultants will establish a comprehensive personnel management system that will span the work of the HR departments at PeterStar's seven regional offices and its St. Petersburg headquarters. GMCS specialists will automate the accounting operations at the HR departments in all that concerns personnel records, payroll enumeration and filing reports with various control agencies. GMCS will also introduce automation into PeterStar's free-lance staff management process.

In addition to optimizing the record keeping, GMCS will also automate such HR management tasks as recruiting, training, development, appraisal, and certification.

"We expect the implementation of the new personnel management system to significantly cut down the time and energy spent on record keeping, so that HR staff could be more engaged in strategic decision-making, personnel development and generating staff training and appraisal programs. As, together with GMCS, we implement the BOSS-Kadrovik system, we will consolidate our separate local HR departments and the headquarters into a single management framework. This means that the personnel aspect of the company will be under full control and efficiently managed," says Elena Dunaeva, HR Director, PeterStar.

This HR automation project takes up further the cooperation between PeterStar and GMCS in the area of IT management systems implementation. GMCS already has automated PeterStar's key financial accounting systems by introducing GMCS Telecom, a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX developed by its team for telecommunications companies. PeterStar and GMCS now plan to integrate BOSS-Kadrovik into the corporate Microsoft Dynamics AX management system and with the bonuses enumeration system developed and used by the operator.

PeterStar personnel and payroll enumeration system is expected to be fully automated in early 2008. The HR management system is to be put into operation in early summer 2008.

About PeterStar

PeterStar, founded in 1992, is the largest alternative stationary telecommunications operator in the Northwest Region. The company specializes in providing telephony, Internet and data transmission services. PeterStar serves 68,000 telephone lines and over 35,000 corporate customers. The company controls 60 percent of the St. Petersburg business telephony market. The monthly traffic through the PeterStar network totals 320 terabytes. The company has offices in Kaliningrad, Novgorod, Murmansk, Pskov, and Petrozavodsk.PeterSTar has been part of the Synterra Group since 2007.
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