6 april 2006
GMCS builds SAP BW based data storage for XEROX Eurasia
GMCS has completed a project for building a SAP BW based data storage in XEROX Eurasia Co.

The main objective of the project was to improve operational efficiency of the company’splanning and financial department in analysis of financial results and preparation ofanalytical information for making management decisions.

During the project implementation progress particular attention was given to quality assurance of the system to be created: during the project implementation a pilot model was developed, stagewise extended test were conducted, main concepts and design solutions were proven. This enabled to improve efficacy of management of changes and expectations of end users, thus considerably reducing project risks.

Another project's key success factor implemented by the GMCS' SAP practice consulting team was business analytics systems experience shared both with the company's ITpersonnel and with major system users. Thus, under the project a group was created which infuture will conduct full-scale support of this system.

Presently this solution covers the needs of XEROX Eurasia's Planning and Financial Department in the analysis of results of the company's activities and preparation of the corporate reports and statements. There are now 10 system users.

XEROX Eurasia plans involve further expansion of the data storage, whereas the majority ofsystem development work will be performed by XEROX's employees owing to training conducted by GMCS’ consultants.

According to Mrs. Galina Sharova, Financial Director of XEROX Eurasia, "Due toimplementation of this project for the company's financial division, XEROX Eurasia obtained a modern information system supporting management decision-making processes on the basis of illustrative and on-line supply of necessary data aggregate to business users. This system will provide both our company's managers and specialists with complete and credible information thus raising their performance efficiency."

The project was launched in June 2005. System will be commissioned in early February, 2006.

About Xerox 

Xerox Corporation Ltd. is an American multinational document management corporation that produces and sells a range of color and black-and-white printers, multifunction systems, photocopiers, digital production printing presses, and related consulting services and supplies.
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