9 february 2006
GMCS completed a SSA ERP (Baan) system’s full-range implementation project in Polysan, a pharmaceutical company
GMCS’ specialists are through with SSA ERP (formerly Baan) system’s full-range implementation project in Polysan, an R&D firm engaged in pharmaceutics, developing and production of medicines.

Starting with January 2006 the system was commissioned for serial production. A decision to introduce SSA ERP was caused by Polysan being in full swing along expansion ofbusiness scope and activities. In particular, a new activity line of the company was a shift ofthe whole production range of officinal medicines from mostly contract manufacturing toown manufacturing facilities on the basis of a new plant designed and built by Polysan according to requirements of European Good Manufactured Practices.

Polysan automation project was started by GMCS’ employees in September 2004. Peculiarities of this project are directly related with specifics of pharmaceutical industry which was taken into account by GMCS’ consultants in the work process. In the first place, these are peculiarities inherent of pharmaceutical production which involves stringent quality control of manufactured products for compliance with GMP standards.

In the process of the project implementation especially for Polysan, GMCS’ employees developed a package of initial QA documents with allowance for GMP standards. What isnovel in this full-range SSA ERP introduction involving automation of all business processes (including production sector, purchases, sales, logistics, accounting, etc.) and improvement of the company's management as a whole, is creation of an information platform for building a quality management system at a pharmaceutical enterprise.

As Mr. Vladimir Shidlovsky, Head of IT Department of Polysan, noted "Successful introduction of ERP system within the schedule and budget allocated was ensured with three principal factors: high professional skills of GMCS' consultants; full-scale, including administrative, support for the system introduction on the side of the customer's top management; constructive co-operation between GMCS' consultants and the company'sintroduction task force."

About Polysan

Polysan, a Research and Development Pharmaceutical Company, was incorporated inDecember 1992 by a group of medicine and biology pro’s from various St. Petersburg institutions. In just 13 years of its corporate record POLYSAN developed from a small laboratory establishment into a developed pharmaceutical company. According to data supplied by Pharmexpert, POLYSAN is a top manufacturer in the domestic pharmaceutical industry and specializes in production of immunomodulators and export of original officinal medicines. E.g. cycloferon (promoting factor for endogenous interferons with antiviral activity) and reamberin (succinic acid-based infusion detoxicant solution) are successfully sold in the domestic market, in the CIS states and in the South-Easter Asia.
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