20 march 2007
GMCS completed automating key business processes at T-Pay based on Microsoft Dynamics AX
GMCS has successfully implemented a Microsoft Dynamics AX-based ERP-system at T-Pay, an authorized distributor of phone pay-cards for the services provided by MegaFon, a nationwide mobile networks operators. 

Within the framework of the project, GMCS consultants have implemented integrated finance, logistics and aggregate-planning contours. Microsoft Dynamics AX system implementation at T-Pay has become an important phase of building a single IT system for managing the company's business. As of today, T-Pay is comprised of 7 branches distributing MegaFon pay-cards through a nationwide dealer network.

Today, all T-Pay branches are successfully using PlanDesigner budgeting system and BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management software implemented by GMCS some time ago. Both solutions are now integrated with the newly-commissioned Microsoft Dynamics AX, which ensures data storage and use within a single information space for all regional offices. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics AX has been integrated with an electronic payment system designed for controlling the pay-cards life-cycle, including their pre-activation. An interface developed by GMCS consultants has eliminated manual data input for the logistics and finance contours in both software packages, resulting in a simpler and quicker data acquisition for various report forms.

With the Microsoft Dynamics AX finance contour now in place, T-Pay has obtained a modern business, management and fiscal accounting tool. An automated logistics contour will enable the distributor to effectively manage the entire supply-chain of pay-cards in the regions. As for the implemented aggregate-planning contour, it will allow T-Pay to plan its sales based on a minimal supply of pay-cards in stock, available customer orders and sale forecasts made in accordance with seasonal demand fluctuations.

In parallel with the system implementation, GMCS delivered an on-the-job training course for task force experts and key system users at all company branches. High-level technical support provided on-site ensured an operational teamwork of T-Pay staff and GMCS consultants in the hotline regime.

The project took 9 months to complete.

T-Pay is planning to launch a new activity relating to the distribution of universal pay-cards for public phones and multi-user Internet-access points. At present, GMCS is consulting T-Pay on the options for automating this operation.

"For the purpose of enhancing transparency of activities of our branches and improving overall manageability of the company, we made decision to implement integrated automation of business processes. Due to the work performed by GMCS specialists, now we have at our disposal the clear view of operation of the branches, quickly obtaining data and performing general analysis of obtained information by various selections," remarked Constantine Osipov, T-Pay Director-General.

About T-Pay

T-Pay is an official distributor of multipurpose payment cards (MPCs) of the Pan-Russian cellular operator Megafon (EKO). The company promotes telecommunication service payment cards throughout Russia. The company's organizational structure is built according to Russia's division into federal okrugs and counts 7 branches which distribute MPCs through the company's over 250 dealers' network. T-Pay's HQs are located in St.Petersburg.
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