31 january 2007
GMCS completed Russia's first ERP system migration project from Baan IV to Infor ERP LN (before - Baan 6.1)
GMCS has completed an ERP system migration project from Baan IV (for A&D) into Infor ERP LN (before - Baan 6.1). 

The client company was Irkutsky Aircraft Works, an enterprise within Irkut Research and Production Corporation, Russia's major manufacturer of civil and military aircraft.

What makes this project unique is its being Russia's first migration project into the Infor ERP LN (before - Baan 6.1) version. In exactly the six months that took to implement the assignment, the GMCS experts have carried existing settings and business procedures used for logistics and finance management, including the Russian accounting system, over to the new version and put the system into operation. It's important to emphasize that, as a result of the migration, Irkutsky Aircraft Works has switched over to the Russia-localized Infor ERP LN (before - Baan 6.1) version that had been originally developed and supported by GMCS.

According to Nikolay Volkov, IT Manager at Irkut Corporation: "Successful migration of the enterprise management system performed by a joint team of professionals consisting of Irkut Corporation experts and GMCS consultants has enabled us to carry the Baan ERP system development project, that had already been ongoing at Irkutsky Aircraft Works for a few years, to a completely new phase. Thanks to additional features of the system's version 6, its extended functionality and improved user interface, the company has considerably improved its management system, making it better-responsive to the needs of the quickly-developing enterprise."

About Irkut Corporation

Irkut Corporation is a Russian aircraft manufacturer, member of the United Aircraft Corporation. It is best known as being the manufacturer of the Sukhoi Su-30 family ofinterceptor/ground-attack aircraft.
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