30 september 2009
GMCS completed the first stage of business automation at Superwave Group
GMCS announce the completion of the first stage of the automation project for the multi-profile Superwave Group business. 

As part of this stage GMCS implemented a prototype of the new management information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX at a digital printing office owned by Superwave. Subsequent system development involves automation distribution, logistics and service center management processes of the client.

Superwave is a leading company on the high-tech equipment market in the North-West region, its main business activity is distribution of office and computer equipment from leading suppliers. The company also provides maintenance services, carries out assembling, possesses a modern digital printing office and a far-reaching warehouse network.

In order to achieve its development plans in the currently unstable economic situation the Superwave Group was faced with a need to ensure centralized management and unification of key business processes. Several types of activities needed to be automated within a single system: distribution, warehouse storage, assembling, printing office operation, customer servicing. Having studied industry best practices in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, Superwave management decided in favor of this particular system. GMCS, who has had several successfully implemented projects and specialized solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX in these sectors, was invited to be a partner in implementing the project.

Project works were carried out according to the system implementation concept developed by the client-company's specialists. As part of the first stage GMCS consultants carried out pre-project assessment of Superwave business-processes and deployed a prototype of the system using their own Microsoft Dynamics AX based solutions. In particular solutions such as GMCS Excel Reporting for common reporting management, GMCS Cargo Terminal for warehouse management and a solution for supply chain management were used. The system prototype was launched into pilot production at the Superwave digital printing office in the summer of 2009.

"The step-by-step information system implementation strategy was the best option for us," comments Zurab Abzhanadze, Superwave Deputy Director General. "Having launched the system prototype in one of the areas of our business and received the first results, we made sure that the model was developed correctly and now have a clear picture of our next actions in automating other business processes."

"Thanks to the well-coordinated actions of the members of our team a system was developed that best reflects the particularities of the client's multi-profile business," says Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS. "Having concentrated on the main goal, which is to obtain a continuous chain of business processes, we tried to involve both standards Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality and GMCS specialized solutions as much as possible."

About Superwave

Superwave group has been working on the high-tech equipment market since 1992 and offers products from internationally renowned suppliers. The company’s main business areas are: distribution of Xerox products, distribution of Kingston, Transcend and Samsung modules and memory cards, computer equipment sales, maintenance center services, Xerox Document-Center. The company possesses modern logistics centers in Russia and abroad. The company’s headquarters is located in Saint-Petersburg.

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