20 march 2006
GMCS completes localization of SSA ERP LN (Baan 6.1) system
GMCS declares completed localization of SSA ERPLN (Baan 6.1) system for Russia, Baltic and CIS states.

According to the partnership agreement made by and between SSA Global and GMCS, SSA ERP LN system localization involved translation of the system into Russian and software adaptation to meet requirements of the Russian financial laws.

Within work for SSA ERPLN system localization interfaces were translated of both the system themselves and user’s helper applications (Worktop, Webtop, Dynamic Simulation Editor) used for working with SSA ERP LN system. A task force translated into Russian help information on main SSA ERP LN subsystems made available to users while working with astandard system interface and via Web interface.

According to requirements of effective Russian accounting and tax laws, program adaptation of SSA ERP LN system was performed in the following functional lines:
  • Fixed and intangible asset accounting;
  • Generating a Russian General Ledger with correspondent accounts;
  • Print approved forms of primary accounting documents for such operations asinventory turnover, cash flow and settlement with contracting parties;
  • VAT accounting, generation of Russian sales and purchases journals;
  • Generation of Russian book-keeping and fiscal accounting forms using integrated package of SSA ERP LN and MS Excel systems.

As Anatoly Bobylev, Director of SSA global products department, GMCS, says, "The success of the SSA ERP LN system localization project is directly related to 9 year record inlocalization of Baan products which GMCS employees possess."
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