29 june 2006
GMCS converts Irkutsk Aircraft Works to SSA ERP LN (Baan 6.1)
GMCS company has launched a project involving a shift of a corporate enterprise management system from Baan IV version (for A&D) to SSA ERP LN (Baan 6.1) at the Irkutsk Aircraft Works, a part of Research & Production Corporation (NPK) IRKUT, the Russian manufacturer of civil and military aircraft engineering products.

As the Corporation's strategic plans for future development of the corporate automated management system, Irkut considered alternative variants whether to improve the system on the basis of Baan IV (A&D) version introduced at the enterprise or to shift to SSA ERP LN, a new version of the system. The second scenario was chosen. Such decision was due to extra features existing in SSA ERP LN: the system has now a considerably expanded functionality and improved user interface. 

GMCS was chosen as a partner due to a positive experience of cooperation between the Company and NPK Irkut under earlier implemented projects, and because of GMCS being an official center of localization, implementation and after-sales support for SSA ERP LN (Baan 6.1) system in Russia, CIS states and Baltic States. 

The migration project is expected to be completed in six months. Within this time GMCS' employees will transfer existing settings and business procedures to the new version and start pilot operation of the system. 

Presently there is a tendency of SSA Global's clients migrating to SSA ERP LN (Baan 6.1). Today there are over 75 clients of SSA Global in the world, which has passed already passed to SSA ERP LN version (Baan 6.1), or through similar projects. 

About IRKUT Corporation

IRKUT Corporation is a vertically integrated holding engaged in military and civil aircraft equipment design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service.  OJSC NPK Irkut is one of the top associations in the Russia's aircraft industry and a well developed research and production structure ensuring manufacture of the front-edge aircraft equipment. Irkut Corporation was incorporated in 2000 uniting a number of top aircraft engineering manufacturers and developers: Irkutsk Aircraft Manufacturing Association (presently known as Irkutsk Aircraft Works), TANTK named after G. M. Beriev, BetaIr, Joint Design Bureau (OKB) Russian Avionics and ITELA. In 2004 the Corporation was joined by Yakovlev's OKB.

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