3 september 2007
GMCS creates personnel management system for AstraZeneca Russia
GMCS has completed creation of a personnel management system based on BOSS-Kadrovik for the Russian office of AstraZeneca, one of the top five international pharmaceuticals companies.

The central objective of the project is to establish a comprehensive HR policy and a centralized personnel management system. For this, GMCS specialists have unified the company’s key business processes connected with personnel record keeping and payroll enumeration. As a result of GMCS activities, personnel management processes were fully automated so that now processing and producing all necessary personnel information is a matter of minutes. BOSS-Kadrovik functionality and additional system tuning performed by GMCS has cut the time of payroll enumeration almost twice.

An important project feature was realizing in the new system AstraZeneca's unconventional staff policy aiming at maximum attraction of new qualified professionals, employment of various staff development programs, and supporting flexible work schedules. In this context, GMCS consultants have tuned the system to meet complex bonus system and compensation package requirements.

The works on the projects were completed right on schedule. AstraZeneca Russia's new personnel management system was launched six months after the beginning of the project. GMCS consultants have already trained the key users and provide technical support and maintenance services.

About AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca, a major global pharmaceuticals company, is one of the top five pharmaceuticals companies in the world with sales in over 100 countries. AstraZeneca is a leader in cardiology, respiratory, oncology, neurological and other areas. AstraZeneca launched its operations in Russia in 1999, becoming one of the most rapidly growing companies and a serious player on the Russian pharmaceuticals market. AstraZeneca daily invests over $11 billion research. The company owns 31 production facilities located in 20 countries, and 11 research centers in 7 countries (Sweden, the UK, U.S.A., Canada, France, India, and Japan).
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