8 july 2009
GMCS designed HR-portal for Synterra
GMCS completed the project of creating a corporate HR portal for Synterra, the national communication service provider. 

The portal based on  Microsoft SharePoint is designed to create employee job profiles with the help of the company's functional executives. The solution is a supplement to the Intranet portal previously developed by GMCS, which provides for the possibility of calculating bonus payments for employees based on their KPI.

The new portal enables heads of Synterra's functional subdivisions to get involved in establishing the range of necessary requirements towards position descriptions and determining qualification requirements within a unified information space. In order to ensure that the Human Resource Department can use obtained data, GMCS consultants integrated the portal with the BOSS-Kadrovik automated HR system also implemented by GMCS.

In the event that a new position opens the immediate superior of the future employee can fill in the relevant form on the portal specifying their requirements towards professional experience, capabilities, personal qualities of a candidate. Subsequently data obtained on job profiles may be used by the company's HR Department to recruit personnel, evaluate employees, form a pool of candidates, plan the careers and training of employees, as well as other procedures within existing HR processes.

"Involving executives in the process of creating job profiles will allow to increase the efficiency of personnel recruitment and conducted certification procedures," says Dayna Paulauskaite, Head of HR at Synterra.

About Synterra

Synterra group of companies unites service providers and includes the following companies: Synterra, PeterStar, Global Teleport, EuroTel, TeleportSPb and a number of regional cell service providers operating on the telecommunications market since 1992. The infrastructure of Synterra Group is present in all RF regions: the ground trunk intercity network covers over 70 regions of the country and spans over a total of around 67 thousand kilometers, with 13 regions having over 40 nodes of access to trunk lines of satellite communication. It is the foundation for the functioning of IP/MPLS, IN/IC, CMAs, call centre networks connected to all the participants of the communications market.

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