28 february 2008
GMCS equips Simbiotel with IBM Cognos business intelligence tools
GMCS has implemented a business efficiency solution at Simbiotel, a next-generation communications operator that provides EZtalk services. 

This is a pilot project that covers the call billing system. The project was launched in January 2008 and was implemented within a month.

The project was launched primarily because the operator recognized the need to evaluate and choose priority business areas. Simbiotel was formed in 2007 and its business is actively growing. During this short time, several thousand people subscribed to the company's services and serious analysis tools were required to evaluate efficiency and network loads.

Together with GMCS that acted as a partner of Simbiotel in implementing this analysis tool the operator chose IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI). This was the first time a IBM Cognos 8 BI solution was implemented under LINUX. To minimize the costs of implementing the IT project and ensure full functionality of IBM Cognos 8 BI in a non-standard environment, GMCS consultants have prepared the operator’s existing IT infrastructure to implementing the new application.

An analytical mode and data storage structure were developed to perform business strategic planning tasks. Multifaceted analysis of information on subscriber phone calls is now available to the operator.

"Thanks to the solution implemented by GMCS, we have daily access to the numbers of our subscribers and calls; we can analyze connection channels and determine which of the call directions brings profit or loss. And at the same time, we did not have to change the IT component of our business and have maintained our current operating systems," says Kira Grosheva, CEO, Simbiotel. "We now have a tool that allows using analytical information to create strategic development plans. Evaluating the current situation and planning for the future is essential, as we are engaged in an innovatory business and present a radically new product on the communications services market."

Simbiotel plans to analyze SMS billing and services payments using the IBM Cognos 8 BI solution implemented by GMCS.

About Simbiotel

Simbiotel founded in 2007, operates EZtalk, a next-generation communications service. The company provides voice over data networks transmission using the latest technologies and ensuring optimum quality to price ratio for long-distance communications in Russia.
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