2 march 2005
GMCS goes to the major league of IT-consulting
March 1, 2005 a press conference of GMCS, USP Compulink and Delta Private Equity Partners (earlier known as Delta Capital Management) was held. The event was devoted to mutually beneficial partnership within a Compulink Group. 

At the press conference the following persons were:

  • Mikhail Lyashch, President of Compulink Group;
  • Cyril Dmitriev, managing Director for Delta Private Equity Partners;
  • Sergey Sulgin, CEO of GMCS;
  • Alexey Chekanov, General Director of Askate.

The partnership goes together with changes in a structure of GMCS with invitayion of an investor. This event will change a balance of forces at the IT consulting market, as it contributes to improving positions of GMCS. The company acquires additional opportunities related to geographical and industry-specific expansion of its activities. Attraction of a powerful partner to the company's capital structure is connected with the GMCS' development strategy focused on high-quality and successful implementation of projects. 

In order to be able to offer the most efficient and integrated solutions, GMCS entered cooperation with Compulink Group. Now the whole IT consulting package in the Company Group will be in the competence of GMCS including operation of budgeting and CRM systems. The respective department of specialists was moved from USP Compulink to GMCS. Among strong points of further work of GMCS in the Group of Companies should be mentioned the increased presence of GMCS in the major corporate market and penetration to new regional markets. 

Sergey Sulgin, CEO of GMCS summarized results of GMCS work within the last two years, showing high growth dynamics: the company's turnover grew more than by 4 times within a period from 2002 to 2004. The company has now about 140 employees, while a number of completed projects exceeds fifty. 

GMCS' plans for 2005 involve preserving the company's growth dynamics. The company will keep its brand and will develop additional positioning of the company within the Group. And GMCS will get a powerful marketing and sales system to meet current business needs.
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