21 april 2009
GMCS guarantees technical support for businesses
GMCS announces that as of the start of 2009 95% of the company's clients have extended their contracts for the support of Microsoft Dynamics products.

Microsoft Dynamics products embodies the possibility of access to technical resources, consulting services and obtaining new versions and updates of  Microsoft Dynamics for practically all of the company's clients. Based on Microsoft data on the proportion of clients that have already extended their support contracts, GMCS is one of the leaders among all Microsoft Dynamics partners.

Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions support provided by GMCS is a technical maintenance service, which accounts for all the specific requirements of each particular company and allows to support the performance efficiency of the management information system at the highest possible level of productivity, reliability and security.

The unique nature of GMCS support is in the fact that clients are provided with direct privileged access to GMCS informational and technical resources via a configured package of technical support services accounting for the specifics of business of each client.

As part of the services provided GMCS solves specific technical problems that arise in the company’s practice, provides consults and recommendations on a wide range of operational issues and on the functional possibilities Microsoft Dynamics AX, guarantees transition of the solution used by the client to new versions of Microsoft software. This comprehensive approach to solving the client's tasks allows to minimize the level of risks related to operating the management information system, ensures its productive and efficient use, increases the level of return on investment.

"RACC MiG currently provides technical support for 30 organizations and over 70 separate subdivisions. To ensure maximum convenience for our existing clients and simplify the process of transferring new solutions to support GMCS constantly improves the procedures and tools of operative interaction with clients.  We pay specific attention to the development of the knowledge and skills of support specialists who ensure the quality of services provided to clientsRACC MiG," notes Vyacheslav Nefedov, Head of the Technical Support Service of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS.

The Technical Support Service for Microsoft Dynamics solutions at GMCS was established in 2003, at the same time as the establishment of the consulting practice in this field at the company. At the moment hundreds of enquiries coming fr om current users every month are processes by 40 highly skilled professionals including 10 specialists ensuring the support of clients on the terms of full out-sourcing. Among the clients benefitting from GMCS support services are: Naryanmarneftegaz, Valio, GOTEK Group, PeterStar, RIA Novosti, OGK-4,  Stora Enso Packaging etc. One of the largest clients - Rostelecom and its subsidiaries – has been working with GMCS in terms of technical support for over five years.

Many years of experience and profound expertise enable GMCS to not only support own solutions, but also service companies, wh ere the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX was conducted either independently or by other consulting companies, including international companies. In 2008 alone GMCS technical support specialists took on the support of four such clients.

"RACC MiG has been a participant of the Microsoft partner program for many years, has the highest status of Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft and many years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions for various industries. The high quality of GMCS project management, documenting and development processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX is certified by a number of audits conducted by the Microsoft Consulting and Technical Support DepartmentRACC MiG," comments Yury Pokusaev, Head of the Consulting Practice for Business Applications of the Microsoft Consulting and Technical Support Department.
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