1 march 2011
GMCS has accomplished the transition of the Roca Group holding’s production facilities in Russia to SAP
GMCS reports the completion of the project in the implementation of an automated management system based on SAP ERP at the Roca Rus and Ceramica companies – the subsidiaries of the Roca Group holding.

The single solution which is fully in line with the corporate standards adopted at Roca Group and the specific characteristics of the holding's Russian production facilities, ensures support of the manufacturer's key business processes management: whether finances, production or logistics.

Roca is a global leader in manufacturing a full range of products for bathrooms: bathtubs, bathroom ceramics, mixing taps, accessories and furniture for bathrooms. Among the corporate standards for Roca Group's production facilities are SAP solutions. The goal of the project which was launched in the winter 2010 is localization of a management information system based on SAP solutions used at the Roca Group companies in Switzerland for its subsequent implementation at the holding's production facilities in Russia.

In compliance with the designated task, development of a single solution for managing the entire production cycle – from production planning to finished-product output was required. This included the need to automate logistic management processes (material flow, procurement, sales and export management), as well as to introduce instruments for financial, tax and management accounting maintenance, product cost calculation and production controlling maintenance.

Considering the requirements of the Russian law and the specific features of the business process at the Roca Rus and Ceramica production facilities GMCS specialists have not only developed the system architecture, but also adapted it to the European management standards applied at Roca Group. The work was performed in close cooperation with the international ITML company, which had carried out the SAP tuning at the Roca Group facility in Switzerland.

In mid-January 2011 the new information system based on SAP ERP was launched into industrial operation at the head office of Roca Rus in Moscow and at the production facilities near St Petersburg, as well as at the Ceramica central office in Moscow and at its two factories in Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk.

Commenting on the outputs of the project, Roca Director General in Russia Antonio Linares said: "Today Roca Group holds a leading position on the Russian bathroom ceramics market. The application of the single business management solution gives us considerable advantages: the transparency of business processes and support of corporate management standards at the level of each individual production facility. Considering the strategic plans of Roca Group on the Russian market, it appears important that the developed solution may be easily replicated in the event of construction or acquisition of new production spaces."

"The Roca Group corporate system has employees from several different countries. That is why special attention was given to avoiding, upon the launch of the project, possible contradictions in the work of different participants in the single information space which may arise due to a variety of approaches to accounting records maintenance in Russia and in Europe," said Kira Burma, Deputy Director of the SAP Solutions Department at GMCS. "The distinguishing characteristics of this project include the tight schedule of the single solution compilation, as well as the fact that, in compliance with the customer's requirements, the SAP ERP system was immediately launched in industrial operation."

In his turn Mikhail Romanov, President of GMCS, noted that "projects like this one require thorough knowledge of both the specific features of the Russian market and of the solution itself. The experience that our company has accumulated in SAP implementation in holdings, including representative offices of foreign companies, has been given new application in the framework of tackling the goals designated by the customer, while the groundwork and experience accumulated in the course of their close cooperation with the members of the international implementing team will be used in the framework of plans for further cooperation with Roca in Russia."

About Roca Group

Roca Groupis a global leader in manufacturing a full range of products for bathrooms having almost 100 years of history behind when it was started in the suburbs of Barcelona. The family business was launched there in 1917, and today the company has representative offices in 135 countries and 68 production facilities employing a total of 18,700 workers.

In 2006, a Roca production facility in Russia – Roca Rus LLC – was launched not far from St Petersburg. This is the first production facility of a foreign manufacturer of plumbing equipment and ware in Russia. Production facilities with 100% Spanish capital, with 40 mln euro in planned investments, with a production capacity of 600,000 items a year, currently turns out production under the Jika and Roca trademarks. In addition to this, Roca Rus represents in Russia the Swiss premium brand Laufen, which is also part of the Roca Group portfolio, and Russian brands of the Santek and Santeri low-cost segment.

Today Roca Group owns 4 production facilities within the territory of Russia with a total production volume of over 4.4 mln items a year – in Tosno, Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Vorotynsk (Kaluga region).

The opening of the first production facility manufacturing acrylic bathtubs in Russia which will turn out products of the Jika and Santek brands is scheduled for the spring of 2011.
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