15 february 2007
GMCS has automated warehouse facility at Tsaritsyno Trading House
GMCS has completed a project to implement Cargo Terminal, the company's own Microsoft Dynamics AX based industry solution for warehouse complexes at Tsaritsyno Trading House.

The main task the GMCS consultants had to deal with within the framework of the project related to automating the management system of the Tsaritsyno warehouse facility. The project comprised integrating the GMCS Cargo Terminal industry solution with Tsaritsyno's in-house operational management system. The newly-commissioned warehouse complex is intended for storage of goods made by the Tsaritsyno group of companies as well as for commercial storage of third-party goods.

Set up of the future warehouse management system prototype and its commissioning went in parallel with the construction process. This enabled Tsaritsyno to shape its business processes taking into account the capabilities of the new system.

The decision to build a warehouse complex was made with a view of the impending diversification of the Tsaritsyno Trading House business and the company's plans to become a major logistics center. The importance of the warehouse automation project for the Tsaritsyno group of companies was all the more highlighted by active participation of OAO Tsaritsyno's Chairman of the Board Lena Alenkina and Tsaritsyno Trading House's IT Director Evgeny Yerofeyev in the project implementation.

As of today, the warehouse is ready to start handling own and third-party shipments. The Tsaritsyno warehouse facility enjoys a number of competitive advantages such as a convenient location 5 km from the MCAD (inside the Circle Road in the Novokurianovo area), a large site area (8 ha), an overall storage capacity of 9.5 thousand pallets with a useful storage-room floor area of about 9000 sq. m., availability of several low-temperature storage zones (with a temperature range from +4° to -18°C), 35 docking stations and a 6-meter useful storage-room height.

Functional capabilities of GMCS' Cargo Terminal industry solution will enable Tsaritsyno to address key business objectives relating to warehouse complex management, maximizing automation of the freight service procedures and considerably enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the warehouse resources management procedures.

GMCS Cargo Terminal industry solution has the following advantages: an improved algorithm for goods' locating and automatic reservation, a motif-based user interface to facilitate data input, a graphic warehouse map, a function for changing goods quantity in the sipping documents, the use of goods status codes, billing of warehouse services, an external interface, and the availability of integrated means for analyzing the warehouse personnel performance.

The project also had a training component whereby the GMCS consultants delivered an on-the-job training course for the client company's personnel. Overall, the project took 6 months to implement.

About Tsaritsyno Trading House

Tsaritsyno Trading House is a member of the Tsaritsyno Group together with three meat processing enterprises, namely, Tsaritsyno Farmstead, Agrofirma Blue Mink. Tsaritsyno Group's distribution network unites eight company trading houses, and a network of trade agencies, food stores, and a network of trade agencies in various regions of Russia. Tsaritsyno Company is a dynamically growing business. 

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