12 april 2012
GMCS has finished replicating SAP solutions at yet another one of ROCA’s factories in Russia
The company GMCS and the factory UgraKeram announced that they have finished replicating the corporate solution on the basis of SAP ERP.

Upon finishing this project the factory acquired the opportunity to manage key business processes in accordance with unified concern standards and best practices outlined in SAP for production companies.

UgraKeram, which manufactures sanitary-ceramic products under the trademark Santeri, became a part of the Roca Group in 2010, thereby boosting the holding's offered assortment of products. In the spring of 2011 the factory started implementing the corporate solution (alongside with GMCS) for Roca's production facilities in Russia on the basis of SAP ERP in order to effectively manage the newly acquired company  in accordance with unified standards. At the start of the project this solution was already being successfully used in the companies Roca Rus and Keramika.

Currently, at UgraKeram the corporate solution system is working at full capacity: staff management (from planning to finished-product output), logistics (material flows, provision, sales and export management), and product cost calculation. UgraKeram has also become capable of maintaining tax, management accounting (including bookkeeping) and preparing reports based on the concern standards.

Ilya Shamshin, the General Director at UgraKeram believes that "using a standardized business solution opens up new doors for achieving a higher production level, constantly improving technological processes, meaning that eventually our products and client service will be of higher quality."

"Thanks to our specially designed method (used at other Roca projects) and active contractor support, we were able to replicate the corporate solution in a short timeframe," says Kira Burma, Deputy SAP Solutions Department Director at GMCS. "We will continue working with Roca in order to further develop our business in Russia."

About Roca Group

Roca Group is a world leader, with a rich, almost 100-year history (founded in the suburbs of Barcelona), in producing a full assortment of products for bathrooms. This family business started in 1917 and today the company has branch offices in 135 counties and owns 66 factories with a personnel of more than 18,700 employees.

Roca Group opened up its first production facility in Russia in 2006. The factory Roca Santekhnika, not far from Saint Petersburg, was launched. This was the first factory of a foreign company producing plumbing fixtures in Russia. The production facility with 100% Spanish capital is now selling goods under the trademarks Jika and Roca. Additionally, Roca Santekhnika represents the brand Laufen (from Switzerland and also part of the Roca Group portfolio) on the Russian market. The company Keramika joined Roca Group in 2007. It owns two factories in Povolzhye and makes ceramic products for bathrooms under the trademark Santek.
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