7 june 2006
GMCS implements GMCS Telecom's industry-specific solution on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform in Petersburg Transit Telecom
GMCS' specialists have completed a project for implementation of GMCS Telecom field solution on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform in Petersburg Transit Telecom Co.

GMCS was awarded the Project's implementation by results of a tender conducted by Petersburg Transit Telecom. Under the Project all sectors of the Company's financial accounting sectors were automated, including fixed assets, trade receivables and trade payables, cash assets, budgeting, inventory accounting, customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics AX system is integrated into the Company's corporate information environment using developed interfaces to the systems, namely, billing system, client's bank system, BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system which is presently used by the carrier company. Under the Project employees of GMCS developed a solution which complies with a new scheme of agent fee payments to carrier companies.

The project's design feature is a tight schedule: the project was completed within half a year. This became possible owing to GMCS Telecom field solution available in GMCS and a solid experience in implementation of similar projects for Russian telecommunication companies. Presently, business, fiscal, management accounting and GAAP accounting sectors are commissioned.

As Ilya Drozman, Director of Microsoft Products Department, says, "Our company has been long and fruitfully cooperating with top Russian carrier companies. Our clients include National Payphone Network, Rostelecom, TransTelecom etc. Petersburg Transit Telecom's project is a weighty extension of GMCS experts in the telecommunications field."

Tatiana Sokolova, Financial Director for Petersburg Transit Telecom, comments on the project implementation results: "The Company's implementation task force and consultants faced a complicated challenge, i.e. to implement a filed solution according to tight schedule, and we did the job brilliantly. Thanks to implementation of this project PPT company could significantly improve its financial, management and fiscal accounting system and obtain a flexible toolkit enabling to react on the fly to changes in laws and regulatory documents in telecommunication field."

About Petersburg Transit Telecom

Petersburg Transit Telecom (PTT) was incorporated in January 2000. 100% shares belong to Telecominvest Holding. PTT operates in the wholesale telecommunications market by providing services to stationary and mobile operators and to Internet providers. Main PTT's services are connection of operator's networks at local and zone levels, local and zone traffic transit, data transfer and Internet access services.

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