6 april 2011
GMCS introduces automation of financial management at one of the leading investment companies in the Moscow region
Investment and real estate development company RDI Group implements a project in financial management automation based Microsoft Dynamics AX. The partner under the project is GMCS.

RDI Group is one of the leading investment and real estate development companies managing the land asset portfolio, real estate development projects and real estate items in the Moscow region. Currently, the RDI Group real estate portfolio is represented by 12 projects.

With the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of RDI Group financial flow and investments management a project in automation of these business processes which are key for the developer company. At the launch of the project RDI Group used the Microsoft Dynamics AX system for budget and management accounting maintenance, whereas financial and tax accounting was carried out in a different system. RDI Group engaged GMCS as a partner under the project implementation assigning it in the autumn of 2010 with a task of automating the full cycle of financial management within the unified system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. An important role in choosing GNCS as a contractor was played by the fact that a number of successful Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation projects in the financial sector, including investment companies.

Currently, specialists of the RDI Group are performing work in tax accounting automation, including VAT and profit tax, fixed and intangible asset accounting, capital construction object accounting, business inventories accounting, banking and cash operations accounting, financial investments accounting. Also, Microsoft Dynamics AX is expected to be used for automating credit and loan, revenue and expense calculation processes, as well as calculation of settlements with suppliers and contractors, buyers and customers, dependent entities, mutual settlements between legal entities.

Among the advantages that RDI Group will gain upon the completion of the project is the possibility of automated cost allocation by the type of operations and services, as well as convenient accountability formation by the group of companies. Notably, with a view to obtain regulated accounting records just on time, GMCS specialists have introduced a flexible interface for transfer of data from the previous financial accounting information system into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

"The consolidation of the financial control loop in the framework of a unified system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX meets the growing requirements of our company and allows not only to enhance the efficiency of monetary resource management, but also the management of the entire holding thanks to the expanded opportunities of obtaining accounting reports and the reduced term of performance. Moreover, the availability of an information system has a significant impact on the company’s capitalisation, while the direct owner obtains certainty that the company will achieve its designated goals and that the analytical documents that are prepared for him/her are authentic and accurate," notes Tatyana Belozyorova, Financial Director at RDI Group.

The new information system of financial management at RDI Group based on Microsoft Dynamics AX will be launched into industrial operation in the spring of 2011.

About RDI Group

RDI Group is an investment management company operating in real estate on the Moscow region market. The key profiles of the company’s activity are: development, land development, investments, property unit trust management, provision of services in the field of geodesic and cartographic work.
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