9 june 2008
GMCS is automating the business of Valio in Russia
GMCS completed the first stage of works as part of a full-scale project for the automation of the business of the Finnish company Valio in Russia. 

The only importer of Valio products in Russia is the company Valio, which concluded a contract with GMCS for comprehensive automation of management of production, finance, supply chains, addressed storage warehouses. During the first stage of works GMCS consultants conducted the pre-project assessment and designed the future solution. During the second stage further works on the implementation of the system are planned.

The main factor for the implementation of a full-featured ERP system at Valio was the expansion of business in the Russian Federation and the need to optimize management processes of the Russian company. The project was launched in 2007, when Valio named GMCS the winner of the tender for the automation of the company's management based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Great experience in implementing large-scale project for the automation of warehouses and production, as well as the presence of ready comprehensive solution allowed GMCS to offer an optimum solution for the implementation of the Valio project. 

The task that GMCS specialists were faced with during the project varied in scale and difficulty, first of all the automation covers all the essential elements of management of production, finance, supply chains, addressed storage warehouses, payroll and personnel. Secondly, GMCS consultants shall adapt the Valio business model, which successfully functions in Finland, to legislation particularities and specifics of business in Russia. "Valio has been present on the Russian market for over 100 years, the Valio subsidiary in Russia started its activities in 1994, last year the company chose the direction of active business development in Russia, having started building a plant and logistics terminal," says Mika Koskinen, Director General of Valio. "Production involves a different sort of responsibility, reporting system, brand new level of managing stock and other assets. This is why implementation of the ERP system in Russia is not incidental. This project will allow to make the business more transparent, manageable and adapt the Finnish model to Russian conditions."

Valio Ltd – is one of the largest European milk-production companies, the leader in the field of innovative developments and functional food products. The company's produce is successfully imported to over 60 countries of the world. At the same time, Russia accounts for around a third of export turnover. The most popular brands of the company in our country are Valio butter, Viola cream cheese, Oltermanni cheese, yoghurts.

About Valio

Valio is the only importer of Valio produce to Russia. At the moment Valio has over 150 clients in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other large cities. Supplies in the HoReCA segment and cooperation with enterprises of the food industry are developing rapidly. 

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