10 september 2008
GMCS is bringing the management system of MiG to a new level
GMCS has started a project for the migration of the enterprise management system from the Infor ERP LN (Baan IV) version to the Infor ERP LN (Baan 6.1) version at one of the largest Russian aircraft construction companies – MiG Corporation. 

Part of the project GMCS consultants will upgrade the aircraft construction company's information system to the new version of the Infor product and ensure the connection of five production sites owned by the company to the unified management system.

The launched project marks the continuing cooperation between the consulting company and MiG. Previously GMCS already acted as a strategic partner for MiG within a comprehensive program for the optimization of enterprise management.

The enterprise management information system, constructed based on Infor ERP LN, has been operating at MiG since 2005. Over the last few years there occurred a need to expand functionality and implement additional modules of the system, which were significantly reworked in the renewed software product. this is why the main goal of the project was to quickly and smoothly transfer the automated management system of MiG to the new version of Infor ERP LN, which is better suited to the company's needs.

"Further development of the enterprise management system and the conducted organizational changes called for the development of the corporate information system," said Alexander Neznamov, deputy director general on enterprise management issues of MiG. "GMCS specialists will help bring our information system to a brand new level."

The project is set to take five months, during this time GMCS consultants shall transfer the company’s business processes to the next version of the software product. The GMCS team shall also migrate reference books and data to the new enterprise management system.

"MiG Corporation is one of the leading domestic companies, which was one of the first to implement a modern information system for all segments – from production to corporate governance. The new MiG project shall be carried out using a uniform methodology of implementing projects of migration to the Infor ERP LN (Baan 6.1) version. This methodology was developed by us and has proved its efficiency during the implementation of a similar project at Irkut Corporation, which has been operating within the new system since the end of 2006," notes Ilya Lipis, Director of Development at GMCS.

About Russian Aircraft Construction Corporation MiG

Russian Aircraft Construction Corporation MiG was the first domestic manufacturer of aircrafts to unite within a single structure all profile organizations, which embody all the elements of the life cycle of the produced aircrafts – starting from the design of the concept, project and technical support, construction of pilot models and their testing and up to marketing, mass production and technical support during operation, as well as training flight and maintenance personnel.
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