14 february 2008
GMCS launches CRM system at Ascate
GMCS announces completing the implementation of a CRM system for Ascate, a system integrator that provides comprehensive services and solution for telecommunications operators. 

Both companies are part of the CompuLink Group. The project aimed to support the strategy of an individual customer approach in the context of constantly growing client base.

The goal of the project is to increase efficiency of customer relations and customer loyalty by implementing the best cooperation strategy. GMCS consultants achieved this by automating the entire process of Ascate customer relations. The history of contacts with customers can now be traced through to their first call. A single customer database that includes information on clients, their preferences, and possible interests was created and is supported thanks to the CRM system.

GMCS also automated marketing campaigns management as part of the project. CRM also provides carefully classified information on competitors, partners, and subcontracts, as well as a complete portfolio of sales reports.

Alexei Klimenko, CEO, Ascate said "We chose to implement the CRM system after recognizing the need to classify and analyze customer information we have accumulated as we worked on the market. And new entries continue to be added to the database. With the new relations management tool, we will be able to respond to customer queries faster, while maintaining an individual approach to dealing with the client business needs. We are now considering further development of the system to automate sales forecasts."

The new Ascate automated system is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Further plans include scaling the solution to embrace the entire CompuLink Group.

About Ascate

Ascate is a leading dynamic Russian system integrator in telecommunications. Ascate provides services to large and medium-sized telecommunications companies that can benefit from a wide portfolio of services in Operations Support Systems, Business Support Systems, Value-Added Services Support Systems, business applications and system integration, and IT consulting. The company has been part of the CompuLink Group since 2004.
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