18 august 2009
GMCS launches Enterprise Optimizer on the Russian market – a solution for integrated business planning
As part of developing the SCM solutions direction GMCS concluded a partnership agreement with River Logic Inc. 

According to the terms of the agreement the GMCS solutions portfolio will now include one of the best planning and enterprise activity optimization solutions in the world – Enterprise Optimizer. GMCS is the only distributor of the solution in Russia and CIS countries.

The Enterprise Optimizer solution is based on constructing an optimization dynamic model of the company's activity and allows to conduct scenario modeling in real time evaluating financial results for each option, subsequently carrying out optimization based on various criteria.

The solution allows to significantly improve the company's financial results thanks to an optimum balance between the plans of sales, production, procurement and economic subdivisions with regard to actual constraints existing in the enterprise's supply chain. Various planning horizons enable the company to coordinate its strategic plans in general with the operational and tactic plans of all of the enterprise's subdivisions.

Entreprise Optimiser has broad possibilities for integration with most IT solutions implemented by GMCS. A solution for integrated business planning is an obvious step in developing the comprehensive range offered to holding companies.

"At the moment we are noticing that clients are experiencing new needs in terms of planning and optimization of the company's activities in general. This is mostly due to the fact that modern market conditions call for more profound planning of activities by companies in order to quickly react to changes in their clients' needs, cut costs and increase revenues," comments Alexander Gomonov, Head of Business Development at GMCS.

"Unique River Logic technologies help clients move away from electronic spreadsheets and systems containing obstacles between functional areas, and move towards a consistent and more precise method of managing business results," Philip Higginbotham, Vice President of Business Development at River Logic. "Having selected GMCS as our partner we can guarantee Russian companies good quality solution for their centralized planning and modeling tasks."

About River Logic

River Logic is the developer of a unique system for support of management decision-making, which includes the best optimization technologies for operational and financial activities of a company. Based on MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) scientific research, River Logic has been developing and implementing the Enterprize Optimizer (EO) solution since 1994. To date projects using Enterprize Optimizer have been successfully completed at large metallurgic, chemical, wood-processing and electricity companies, as well as for manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods. The use of Enterprize Optimizer allows to simulate scenarios for management decisions in various fields – strategy, investment management, business planning,  production and logistics optimization; helping form balanced, realistic and optimum plans and budgets for the company's business.

*SCM – Supply Chain Management.
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