14 november 2008
GMCS – leading Microsoft partner in the electric power industry, telecommunications and distribution according to the results of the 2008 financial year
GMCS was acknowledged as the leader among suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in telecommunications, the electric power industry and the utilities sector, as well as becoming one of the company's leading partners in the areas of distribution and wholesale trade. 

This was announced at VISIONDAYS’2008, the annual Forum of  Microsoft Business Solutions partners in Russia. Companies, which took part in the  "Leading suppliers of  Microsoft Dynamics solutions in industries" competition, were evaluated on such criteria successfully implemented projects in industries, the existence of registered solutions for the corresponding sector of the economy, the number and scale of projects launched in 2008.

As of today GMCS has carried out a total of over 100 projects for over 40 clients using Microsoft Dynamics products. GMCS clients include such telecommunications companies as Rostelecom, Synterra, PeterStar, Corbina Telecom, TransteleCom, Petersburg Transit Telecom etc. In the field of wholesale trade and distribution  a project for the implementation of a management information system for T-Pay was completed in 2007. This year a project was launched for full-scale automation of business activities at Valio, the only importer of produce of the Finnish corporation Valio in Russia. The project involves automation of key business processes of the enterprise, including finance, production, distribution and warehouse management, and is being implemented using a package of ready-made GMCS solutions. In July 2008 works were completed on establishing an enterprise management system at the OGC-4 generation company. The system implemented by GMCS embraces four geographically distributed SDPPs, which are part of OGC-4. The project became the largest implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the electric power industry of Russia.

Aside from projects implemented in the specified sectors, the fact that GMCS disposes of 11 specialized industry solutions designed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX was also taken into account. The said solutions are based on the practice of GMCS specialists that they obtained as a result of a large number of projects for the implementation of  Microsoft Dynamics AX in companies with various areas of activities.

"Obtaining the status of leading Microsoft solution supplier in three industries at once is proof to us of the level of competence of GMCS and an acknowledgment of the expertise of our consultants at the highest possible level," comments Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS. "On our part, we will do everything we can to remain a key partner of the Microsoft corporation in Russia, as well as a reliable and authoritative partner for our clients, helping them to efficiently manage their business using  Microsoft Dynamics solutions."
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