21 july 2008
GMCS optimized personnel management at Synterra
GMCS completed the project for the automation of the processes of personnel management of the national communication service provider Synterra. 

As part of the project GMCS automated the activities of the Synterra HR Department based on the BOSS-Kadrovik system. The project implemented by GMCS marked the continuing collaboration between the consulting company and Synterra Group. At the moment GMCS is conducting works on the establishment of a unified personnel management information system at PeterStar, which is part of the telecommunications group. In May 2008 another joint project with Synterra was launched, aimed at implementing an automated management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

As part of the completed project GMCS automated the system of personnel records and payrooll calculation for the client, as well as conducting integration of the implemented solution with the operators' bookkeeping system. With account of the principles of internal reporting the GMCS project group developed formats of report documents, used by employees of the provider's HR-department and financial division. Based on the client’s tasks and needs, GMCS consultants conducted a number of upgrades for the expansion of the standard functionality of the BOSS-Kadrovik system. In particular, the development and implementation of an additional premium payment calculation module ensured convenient and efficient payment of premiums.

An unconventional task of this project was the integration of the implemented automated personnel management system of Synterra with the operator's Intranet portal, which was also developed by GMCS based on the SharePoint technology. For the convenience of users, an interface connecting BOSS-Kadrovik with Synterra's internal web resource was created, thus providing a universal mechanism for interaction of the HR Department and other company subdivisions.

Today the automated personnel management system of Synterra is launched into industrial operation. Project works were completed by GMCS in record time 0 just 6 months passed from the start of works to system launch. "With the implementation of the automated human resource management system analytical work of our HR department has been significantly simplified along all lines of activity," says Dayna Paulauskayte, HR Director at Synterra. 

"Having great experience working with telecommunications holding companies and an understanding of the particularities of personnel management at large communication service providers, we had to solve the project's tasks using our own developments," says Oleg Kotov, Director of the Department of Automated Human resource Management Systems at GMCS, "a particularity of the project at Synterra was the fact that we upgraded the BOSS-Kadrovik solution by setting up an interface with the operator's web resource, which was developed by us using the modern SharePoint technology. The implemented system allows to conduct the calculation of bonus payments to employees according to internal regulations existing in the company." 

About Synterra

Synterra unites service providers and includes the following companies: Synterra, PeterStar, Global Teleport, EuroTel, TeleportSPb and a number of regional cell service providers operating on the telecommunications market since 1992. Synterra is part of the PromSvyazCapital Group. The infrastructure of Synterra Group is present in all RF regions: the ground trunk intercity network covers over 70 regions of the country and spans over a total of around 67 thousand kilometers, with 13 regions having over 40 nodes of access to trunk lines of satellite communication. It is the foundation for the functioning of IP/MPLS, IN/IC, CMAs, call centre networks connected to all the participants of the communications market.
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