22 october 2009
GMCS presents a comprehensive solution for energy supply companies
GMCS concluded a partnership agreement with Ferranti, the developer of the MECOMS solution designed to comprehensively automate energy supply companies.

With this solution supply and grid companies and settlement centers can achieve a decrease in costs of their supply activities and create competitive advantages aimed at improving quality of services and consumer satisfaction.

At the moment the MECOMS solution is being used in day-to-day activities by tens of the largest power industry enterprises around the world serving from 1.5 to 25 million subscribers – both household and industry. For example these are: the second largest Belgian energy supply company SPE, Nidera (Argentina), RWE (Denmark) etc.

GMCS specialists have successfully completed works on localizing the MECOMS solution with account of the particularities of the Russian market. The solution is a multi-functional system with a modern interface consisting of over 20 modules and a business process management unit, which consolidates separate functions into a single manageable work process. Microsoft Dynamics AX is the software platform for the solution.

The central functional components of MECOMS are: integrated and flexible in configuration modules for contract, billing and debt management, which ensure full-scale support of processes during settlements with both industrial and household consumers. In particular, MECOMS provides extensive possibilities of organizing data retrieval from metering equipment, its subsequent alignment, billing and invoicing, reconciliation etc. The solution ensures efficient procurement management both under a centralized system and distributed procurement. The system includes treasury features, a possibility of translating and obtaining reporting in accordance with IFRS, budgeting and all necessary reporting features.

Outstanding performance of the solution was proved during a load test conducted by Microsoft Corporation in Munich in the summer of 2009. The results of the stress test have shown that the system successfully copes with the full volume of settlements for energy consumed for a client base of at least 25 million subscribers.

"By concluding a partnership agreement with Ferranti we mostly aim for the automation of Russian energy supply companies that experience a need for successful solutions capable of giving a rapid economic effect at tight implementation schedules and complying to constantly changing conditions in the power industry," comments Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS.

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