15 march 2011
GMCS presents CRM solution for telecommunications companies
Microsoft Corporation has registered the specialised GMCS CRM solution for telecommunication companies.

Developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics the CRM solution enables telecommunication companies to process customer requests at the contact centre under the "one-stop-shop" regime ensuring sales support, a high level of service quality and prompt response to such requests.

Upon receiving incoming calls the call centre uses the GMCS CRM solution to organise a single access point for prompt access to necessary information about the customer (personal accounts, customer numbers, etc). This solution offers a possibility of registrating and monitoring all types of events: inquiries, applications, claims. Depending on the nature of inquiry automatic routing of inquiries to other divisions of the company is effected, which reduces processing expenses. Moreover, CRM solution ensures operational generation of replies to inquiries out of the corporate knowledge base and their transfer to the customer via a variety of channels (by fax, by email or by means of text messages).

The possibility of carrying out targeted and additional sales is a significant advantage of the GMCS CRM solution for telecommunications companies. Each inquiry initiates the opening of one customer window within which an operator of the call centre will be able to sel ect an optimal offer of services. For example, among the functional capabilities is the calculator of service plans which helps to calculate the best tariff plan based on a preliminary assessment of the customer need in services provided.

Application of the GMCS's CRM solution will help shape an integrated working environment not only for call centres operators but also for customer service managers and other specialists working for the company. Collection and storage of customer-company relations history, as well as maintenance of relevant document flow, shall take place in the framework of a single information space. All information received fr om the customer is available to other divisions of the company for the purposes of monitoring and carrying out analytical research. For example, the solution helps to shape such types of management reports as inquiry reports by staff members, change of the inquiry status, etc, on a regular basis.

Currently the industry CRM solution is used by a number of GMCS customers, including SkyLink, in their business operations.

"In collaboration with our partners we offer powerful and reliable industry CRM solutions which raise the productivity of customer care. The GMCS solution holds its deserved place among the industry solutions for telecommunications companies," said Yuri Kolerov, manager of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product in Russia at Microsoft.

"The solution fully meets the high requirements of the telecommunication business to customer service level. The "one-stop-shop" concept lying at the basis of the solution ensures a customer-focused approach to the customer, reliable feedback and control over each inquiry or application," commented Vyacheslav Blinkov, Business Director of GMCS.
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