17 august 2006
GMCS proceeds to implement PlanDesigner in T-Pay
GMCS proceeds to implement PlanDesigner software in T-Pay, an official distributor of multipurpose prepayment cards for service provided by Megafon, a Pan-Russian Mobile Operator.

Improvement of corporate management in T-Pay and, thus, increased requirements for information support of such processes as sales forecasting budget planning and modeling, generation of flexible report forms, demanded implementation of a specialized solution. To accomplish those tasks, T-Pay's staff, with assistance of GMCS' consultants, made a thorough analysis of software products represented in Russia. Among the criteria used in the selection procedure, one may list, namely, extensive functionality and intuitive interface, timely implementation, simplicity of getting updates and technical support, and low cost of software. According to the analysis results, the Company preferred PlanDesigner system by SoftProm, a top software developer in the Russian market for Business Performance Management systems (BPMs).

PlanDesigner is a tool designed for solution of corporate management tasks: analysis, forecasting, planning and replanning, supervision, management engineering, management of personnel motivation and automation of corporate regulations. The software does not require any special knowledge in the field of programming for building economic models.

PlanDesigner solution is being implemented in T-pay by GMCS in cooperation with SoftProm's specialists. Under the project GMCS's specialists will integrate PlanDesigner and Microsoft Dynamics AX systems, which financial and logistics loop are now implemented in T-Pay. These two systems will ensure bidirectional data communication. Besides, the project development program involves implementing functions of inter-system Drill Down Analysis to enable T-Pay's specialists to obtain deep itemization of financial and economic indicators of the company's activities. Project completion is scheduled for October 2006.

Besides, because of clients' getting more and more interested to BPM software products, GMCS concluded a strategic partnership agreement with SoftProm, system developer, the agreement aimed at promotion of PlanDesigner, thus extending a product line offered to clients.

About T-Pay

T-Pay is an official distributor of multipurpose payment cards (MPCs) for Megafon, a Pan-Russian cellular operator. The company promotes telecommunication service payment cards throughout Russia. The company's organizational structure is built according to Russia's division into federal okrugs and counts 7 branches which distribute MPCs through the company's over 250 dealers' network. T-Pay's HQs are located in St. Petersburg.

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