16 april 2012
GMCS replicates the HR system at ALROSA business units
GMCS replicates the HR system at three ALROSA (the leader in the diamond mining industry in Russia) business units. 

Currently, Brillianty Alrosa diamond manufacturing company and Edinaya Sbytovaya kompaniya have switched over to the automated staff management system on the basis of BOSS-Kadrovik. During April 2012 the BOSS-Kadrovik system was replicated at yet another branch – ALROSA-Transsnab.

ALROSA has been using the BOSS-Kadrovik system in its Moscow business units for staff management and calculating salaries since 2008. The company decided to replicate the HR system at the three specified places due to the need to use standardized methods for formulating internal corporate reporting, automate the procedure for calculating vacation reserves based on one's salary and decrease the volume of work for formulating reports based on International Financial Reporting Standards.

"This project had incredible time constrictions – the HR system was to be launched at three ALROSA business units within three months. The selected 'architectural' solution implied setting up the system at one point which was to serve as a common "entrance" for HR and payroll department employees, which allowed the company to optimize expenditures on supporting the system itself and centralizing reference information. We entrusted GMCS (with whom we are successfully working with on technical system support issues) with solving this task," noted Dmitry Chibisov, Head of Information Technology and Telecommunications Department at ALROSA.

Since 2010 GMCS has been providing extensive technical support of the automated staff management system at ALROSA; including making necessary notifications and setting up updates. Throughout the course of this partnership aimed at optimizing this system, GMCS specialists have developed a series of new reporting forms, customized allowance and deduction algorithms in accordance with the mining company's requirements. Technical support for BOSS-Kadrovik at ALROSA branches is conducted by GMCS.


ALROSA was established under Decree of the RF President "On Establishment of Joint stock Company Almazy Rossii – Sakha" dated 19th February 1992 No.158C. ALROSA's cutting and polishing branch Brillianty ALROSA produces and sells some USD 140.0 million worth of polished diamonds on an annual basis. In 2011 ALROSA Group enterprises diamond production amounted to 34.6 million carats. Following the results of the year, ALROSA Group aggregate rough diamond sales totaled USD 4,454.8 million, which is a record-breaking amount throughout the Company's history.
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