30 june 2008
GMCS shall help Stora Enso Packaging centrally manage plants in Russia
GMCS completed works on the implementation of a modern management system for the new plant of Stora Enso Packaging, a subsidiary of the world leader in the paper industry – Stora Enso international group. 

Launch of the new manufacture, which took place on June 25, 2008, was a sort of accelerator for the start of the project of construction of a centralized management system of all four Stora Enso Packaging plants in Russia.

The implemented project was of strategic importance to Stora Enso Packaging, which was interested in creating a flexible information platform for further business expansion in our country. The particularity of the project was contained in the fact that the construction and launch of the corporate system was conducted simultaneously both on a plant under construction and at already existing manufactures.

The key goal of the joint activities of GMCS consultants and specialists of the client’s own IT Department was to create a unified system of consolidated reporting, capable of effectively providing data on activities of the plants, make adjustments to the development of priority directions, increase asset manageability in general. The basis of the unified management system was the Microsoft Dynamics AX software project, which ensured transparency and centralization of all management information. The specific tasks of consolidated accounting and operational reporting were solved using GMCS’s own developments.

With the launch of the unified management system the plant opened in Lukhovitsi was able to tune into the Stora Enso Packaging work routine at once. Moreover, the flexibility and functionality of the implemented solution provides the production company with the possibility of gradual expansion of the ERP system in response to business development, as well as allowing it to replicate the management model on their own in case of launch of new manufacture.

As part of the project the GMCS team of consultants completed the automation of bookkeping, tax and international accounting in all fields: settlements with suppliers, clients, as well s settlements with other debtors and creditors. Special attention was paid to the field of material and production stock movement. Thanks to the works conducted by GMCS, Stora Enso Packaging enterprises transitioned to batch accounting of produce in warehouses of end products. The new management system includes the possibility of calculating the actual end costs of produced goods, calculation of unfinished goods for a certain period of time in compliance with the company’s accounting policy. GMCS consultants also automated management of cash assets, including bank and cash transaction within the budget of financial assets.

In order to create a unified information space interfaces were setup with Bank-Client and BOSS-Kadrovik systems, previously installed by GMCS. Integration with the production system ensured routine checks of arrival of end produce for its rapid shipping to clients straight form the production line (just-in-time shipping principle). Today the comprehensive management system has been launched into industrial operation at all four plants belonging to Stora Enso Packaging. Project works were conducted in record times – less than 7 months passes from the start of works to the launch of the ERP system.

"The information system implemented by GMCS consultants provides us with a high level of manageability of our production assets, as well as flexibility and transparency of key business processes," says Sergey Buleev, It Director of Stora Enso Packaging. "It is of great importance that the solution developed together with GMCS allows us to conduct works on unwrapping management systems on new plants independently, thus significantly cutting costs and time needed."

About Stora Enso Packaging

The international corporate group Stora Enso Packaging designs, produces and sells corrugated cardboard shipping packaging, packaging equipment and consumer packaging. The company is a world leader in its industry. In Russia the group owns two plants for the production of packaging – in Balabanovo (Kaluga Region), Arzamas (Nizhny Novgorod Region) and Lukhovitsi (Moscow region). 

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