31 july 2012
GMCS started to gallop: Horze Russia automates financial accounting based on Microsoft Dynamics AX
Horze Russia automates financial accounting based on Microsoft Dynamics AX in accordance with the Russian legislation and corporate standards. 

The project is international and implemented jointly with GMCS. Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation is part of replication of the unified global application that is used by Horze to control its network of stores and storehouses located in the Netherlands, Finland and the United States. Wilhelm Neumuller, CEO Horze Russia, tells about the premises of the project and its importance for business of Horze in Russia: "With the development of business, in particular the construction of a new storehouse complex in Russia, we have a new challenge of company automation based on corporate solutions. Ongoing project allows us to integrate fully into the unified corporate management system of the Horze that has an extensive network of offices in different parts of the world, and move to a single platform for the preparation of corporate accountability."

GMCS was involved in the system for the accounting and taxation automation in accordance with Russian legislation and the characteristics of the international system functionality used by Horze. The project carried out in cooperation with an international team of the customer.

The result of the project will be the automation of financial and tax accounting in Microsoft Dynamics AX, including management of the all necessary accounting procedures, preparation of the financial results, preparation of mandatory financial statements and collection of  the necessary data for reporting according to the corporate standards.

"The project for Horze enlarged portfolio of the international projects of our company. For the successful implementation of the system we used the relevant developments and additional functionality of GMCS to Microsoft Dynamics AX," says Natalya Ovcharenko, Vice President, North-West Branch of GMCS.

About Horze

Horze is the leading producer of ammunition and equipment for equestrian sports. The first supermarket of Horze was opened in Lahti - the center of winter sports in Finland in 2003. Today Horze store chain has 27 stores.

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