25 may 2006
GMCS starts a Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation project for T-Pay
GMCS consultants have proceeded to implement a project involving automation offinancial and logistics loop on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX system for T-Pay.

The main goal of the project is to ensure the Company's management transparency and operativeness. The Project will help to automate financial, fiscal, GAAP and management accounting and logistics management tasks. A wage calculation and personnel management loop will be implemented on the basis of the BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The project will also provide integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX with a specialized budgeting system and MegaFon payment system.

The team of GMCS' specialists will automate both T-Pay's central office in St. Petersburg and branches located in the centers of the Russia's federal okrugs. Geographically remote company's branches will operate online via communication channels in the unified accounting and management system built on the basis of a number of software products. During system deployment it is intended to provide remote access of the company's clients (dealers) to certain functional modules in order to obtain current information on order progress and mutual settlements.

The project was launched in March 2006 with the system's pilot operation planned for this October.

About T-Pay

T-Pay is an official distributor of multipurpose payment cards (MPCs) of the Pan-Russian cellular operator Megafon (EKO). The company promotes telecommunication service payment cards throughout Russia. The company's organizational structure is built according to Russia's division into federal okrugs and counts 7 branches which distribute MPCs through the company's over 250 dealers' network. T-Pay's HQs are located in St.Petersburg.

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