17 february 2010
GMCS successfully completed the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the GC Interleasing
The group of companies Interleasing, a leading in the Russian market leasing services operator and GMCS announce the completion of the implementation of the enterprise management system project.

Microsoft Dynamics AX-based solution provides an efficient management of leasing operations and financial flows of the holding integrating 14 regional branches of the Group of Companies all across Russia in one information space.

The dynamic growth of the Interleasing: the growing leasing portfolio, expanding product line, opening of new regional branches, as well as the increasing competition in the market required that the company’s management should revise the then existing management tools.

"Our main tasks at time of starting the project were to improve customer service quality and internal interaction between the divisions, introduction of new product in the market such as Scoring and Express, consolidation of accounting of all companies and branches of the holding in one database, improvement of the manageability and transparency of business,"  Michael Demchenko, Financial Director, Interleasing and Project Manager, tells about the project background. "Based on the analyses we preferred to choose the Microsoft Dynamics AX System that met our requirements to the fullest extent."

The implemented IT-solution includes a mechanism to manage customer relationships that enables to manage the leasing transactions at all the stages – from a customer’s call and risk management procedure to the conclusion of a contract and further support of the transaction. The new solution contains all required tools for planning, management and budget control of cash flows of all the companies of the Interleasing Group to efficiently manage the treasury processes.

At present, the Microsoft Dynamics AX-based System of Interleasing operates in a pilot mode. The solution is used by 85 specialists of the Commercial Department, Treasury and Company/Customer Operations Support Department.

"We’ve been thinking all the time how to make the company better, how to optimize one or another operation or business procedure; therefore, the implementation of the multi-functional information system has been a logical and necessary step for further development of the company. When we commenced the project our objective was not only to improve the system of automation, but also to significantly increase the efficiency of the management of the company. At that time, there was no comprehensive industrial solution in the market; therefore, the company had to travel a long way before we received the expected result," says Kirill Tsarev, Director of the Interleasing Group of Companies commenting the results of the project. "We are particularly grateful to the GMCS team that put the project on the homestretch and put the system into operation in less than 5 months. As a result, we have received a comprehensive industrial solution to manage the leasing company."

About Interleasing

GC Interleasing is one of the leading operators in the Russian market of leasing services. According to the expert agencies, the company is among the TOP 15 leasing companies in the Russian Federation. The company was established in July 1999, the International Bank of Saint Petersburg was its incorporator. The regional chain development and the expansion of the specialization fostered the establishment of the Interleasing Group of Companies. Today, the Interleasing GC has 14 branches all across Russia and operates in most leasing market segments; however, perhaps the most preferred line of business is motor car leasing, truck leasing, construction and special-purpose machinery leasing. Based on the rating results of 2008, Interleasing holds the fourth position in the construction machinery segment (according to Expert RA Rating Agency). The company holds the 9th and 11th positions based on the rating results of 2008 in the truck leasing and motor car leasing accordingly (according to Expert RA Rating Agency).
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