30 may 2007
GMCS to launch a large-scale automation project at Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant
GMCS has launched a new resource management system project at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (NCCP).

The Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (NCCP) is an enterprise within TVEL Corporation and a leading manufacturer of fissile material for nuclear power plants in Russia and abroad. The company's new ERP-system will be based on SAP Business Suite.

TVEL Corporation is dedicated to active reforms both in the field of technology and corporate management of its enterprises. SAP software, selected by TVEL as the standard for building a unified corporate resource management system, will be implemented at NCCP in the course of a joint project with GMCS. The prime contractor functions for the corporate ERP-system project at TVEL are performed by TVEL-INVEST-TECHNOLOGY.

The main objective of the new project is to improve and integrate NCCP's information flow into a single enterprise resource management system. The project's implementation implies a full-scale automation of the manufacturing facility, including the company's planning, production, stock and sales management processes and operations throughout the entire logistics chain. An integrated system of business, fiscal and management accounting will enable NCCP to generate consolidated reports on the company's performance.

Within the framework of the project, GMCS consultants are to provide the entire range of SAP-related services: design, configuring, testing and productive operation of the enterprise's new ERP-system. In parallel with the above activities, the GMCS team is to prepare user manuals and deliver a training course for key users of the new ERP-system. It is expected that the project will take a year to implement.

As pointed out by Vladimir Rezin, CEO, NCCP: "Every year, the company is investing vast sums of money into streamlining of its facilities and ramping up output. Selecting priority lines of activity is very important for us, so during the planning process, we pay a lot of attention to analytical data on the company's performance. The ERP-system currently being implemented is to ensure reliability and good timing of such information. The project, implemented in conjunction with GMCS consulting company, is already underway and we expect initial results to be out in the nearest future."

About NCCP

NCCP – is a major Russian nuclear fuel cycle enterprise specializing in the production of fuel for power and research reactors with over 25 years' of experience in the industry. Almost half of the total balance of energy in Ukraine and Bulgaria is attributed to nuclear power plants operating on fissile material manufactured in Novosibirsk. Today, NZHK is part of TVEL Corporation which comprises major Russian enterprises specializing in extraction of natural uranium, production, supply of nuclear fuel and provision of related technical support services to nuclear power plants in Russia and abroad.

TVEL-INVEST-TECHNOLOGY – a company affiliated to TVEL LLC which, in the capacity of Prime Contractor, is responsible for centralized management and provision of IT products and services to TVEL LLC and its subsidiaries. TVEL-INVEST-TECHNOLOGY is managing subcontractor activities by own management consultant teams.
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