21 february 2007
GMCS to launch a project at KRANEKS mechanical engineering company
KRANEKS Mechanical Engineering Company, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic crawler-mounted excavators in Russia and the CIS has decided to implement the GMCS-localized version of Infor ERP LN (Baan 6.1) and retain technical-support services provided by GMCS.

The growth of KRANEKS' business has necessitated implementation of an ERP system to improve the corporate management process and in particular the production. When selecting an enterprise management system best-suited for their needs, KRANEKS experts have had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Infor ERP (Baan) at a number of companies that had successfully implemented the system. The main selection criterion was the availability of a proven functionality relating to production management process in the mechanical engineering sector.

Says CEO of KRANEKS, Vyacheslav Filatov, "Over the last few years, we have been monitoring the performance of various ERP systems via site visits to companies that had already had them implemented. The performance demonstrated by Infor ERP was the most convincing. Besides, the system's popularity among the world's major mechanical engineering companies became an additional argument in its favor. We also had an opportunity to study the functionality of Infor ERP on our own and as applied to our corporate objectives, developing a hands-on understanding of its potential applications. The main objective of implementing Infor ERP at KRANEKS relates to optimization of lead times and production costs to enable a better response to the challenges of today's competitive market."

At the initial stage of the project, GMCS is to provide software licenses and deliver an on-the-job training course for the customer's project team.


KRANEKS Mechanical Engineering Company was established in 1932. In the years of its operation, the company has grown into a leading manufacturer of hydraulic crawler-mounted excavators in Russia and the CIS. As of today, KRANEKS product line comprises six models of excavators – EK 230, EK 240LC, EK 330, EK 270LC, EK 400 and EK 450FS Power Shovel.

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