13 august 2008
GMCS together with the Alpina Business Books publishing house published a new book on SAP ERP
GMCS together with the Alpina Business Books publishing house published a second book on SAP ERP – "SAP ERP: Constructing an Efficient Management System".

The foundation of the published book is a comprehensive approach to SAP ERP – issues related to functionality, architecture and directions of growth of the SAP system are reviewed. The book is not just a user’s guide to SAP ERP, it gives a full scale overview of the importance of this management information system from the business point of view. The simple and easy to understand language of the book makes it useful and interesting to a wide range of readers.

According to GMCS president Mikhail Romanov, "the published book can be a useful addition to the book collection of any modern manager. The book’s contents are basically a review of the many years of practice of leading specialists, working with SAP ERP management systems. This book is of particular practical importance to company managers, who are faced with the difficult task of selecting a management system to increase the efficiency of business. Following the recommendations set out in the book company managers will be able to avoid typical mistakes and potential problems that can arise during implementation and subsequent use of the system."

"The publishing of such a book in Russian reality is always called for and on time, "gives her opinion Alena Koshkina, Head of the SAP solutions Department at GMCS. "At the moment the number of books that expose the issues of the possibilities of this or that IT-solution for modern businesses in a simple and understandable language is very small. The value of this book also lays in the fact that it is aimed at actual business tasks and built around specific business processes of enterprises. You have to agree that the more information we have on a product – the easier it is to make a decision. This book can play a key part both on the stage of selecting and IT solution for business management and when designing the strategy of its implementation."

About Alpina Business Books

Alpina Business Books publishing house was established in 1998. The publisher issues management, marketing, finance and politics literature. The publishing house produces up to 30 book titles with a total edition of up to 150 000 copies. Of the authors collaborating with the publishing house there are leading Russian and foreign businessmen, top-managers, politicians, professors of established schools.

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