12 december 2002
GMCS and Computer Project, a greek consulting company, announces about successful completion of Baan ERP introduction system at the refrigerating equipment plant Frigorex - Eurasia
Introduction of Baan ERP system at a plant in Orel, Russia, is the second project implemented by GMCS for Frigoglass Group launched in August 2002. 

In the course of the project a corporate Baan ERP model was introduced developed under Baan ERP at a related enterprise in Greece. As a result of the project, "Baan – Finance", "Baan – Sales, Purchases and Warehouses", "Baan – Purchase Planning (MRP)", "Baan – roduction" and "Baan – Service" subsystems were launched for commercial production.

According to Andrey Muraviev, General Director for Frigoglass – Eurasia, "a team of GMCS' specialists demonstrated high professionalism and in-depth knowledge of Baan ERP system, and of a set of problems related to automation of production (based on MRP concepts) and management accounting." 

In the course of the project a module was developed for data transfer between Baan ERP and Parus, a Russian software package. 

About Frigoglass

Frigoglass Group holding 23 works in 12 countries, provides services for the soft drink market and manufactures commercial refrigerating equipment, bottles, labels, caps, performs and other products.
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