10 august 2000
GMCS announces on completion of the first stage of Baan ERP project at Tsaritsyno Meat Processing Complex
Under the contract signed by GMCS and Tsaritsyno in March 1999, GMCS automated 50 workstations in bookkeeping, purchase and production departments of the customer.

Today the system of Tsaritsyno is able to calculate promptly the production cost of each work-piece (which was not possible before), estimate profitability of one or another product, track the quality. The company's top managers has possibility to balance production of high-margin and low-margin products.

Elena Alenkina, Commercial Director says: "We have set stringent requirement to a system: automation of accounting in nonstop production, enterprise management planning, financial accounting, bookkeeping according to requirements of the Ministry of Finances. Out of all systems presented in the market of integrated enterprise automation solutions, Baan ERP stood out by being simple and flexible in adjustment of all accounting sectors. As a result we preferred Baan ERP and we did not make a mistake. Using the system we covered the whole accounting cycle in production - from planning of product sales to analysis of actual costs, which helped to improve considerably enterprise management performance and minimize, as much as possible, raw materials and commodity in storage."

About Tsaritsyno Meat Processing Complex 

Tsaritsyno Meat Processing Complex is a leader in the Russian meat processing industry by production volume. In the last years the Russian Association of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs has been repeatedly awarding the company with special Steadily High Results award.

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